By Connor - 25/12/2010 18:33 - United States

Today, I spent the morning in the ER with a broken arm. My little brother was in such a rush to get his presents first, that he violently shoved me out of the way on the stairs. FML
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TerrorDollie 0

XD how old? Materialistic kiddo.

Merry christmas!


Sorry :c

fakeaccountX 6

Some guys just can't handle Christmas.

IndianForLife 0

YDI for not being an Indian.

haha so true

lol i love christmas

TerrorDollie 0

XD how old? Materialistic kiddo.

Merry christmas!

you are the apple of my eye. ;)

:( remember that next year when shopping for presents

randomchickkk 0

why weren't you as excited?

iJasper 8

Probably 17?

That means nothing

you deserve it. you should be stronger then him. :p

Actually it's very easy to be pushed down the stairs asshole

SmallTownCutie 0

Actually it's called get a sense of humor asshole.

backdownbreh 0

#24 your the type of person that makes this world bad

SmallTownCutie 0

39- I'm going to sweetly and subtly mention that your 'your' should be a 'you're' before a rude grammar-nazi does. You're welcome and Merry Christmas!

xoxoallykinzxoxo 0

was that really nessisary (yes I did spell it wrong ON PURPOSE since it bugs u soo much) to say that to #39?? cuz u sound like a total bitch .

iVereor 0

Why can't you just leave it be. Spelling mistake so what.

Smalltownbitchy . . . FUCK andd

Smalltownbitchy . . . FUCK anddddd OFF!

SmallTownCutie 0

awww you guys are so sweet.

SmallTownCutie 0

aww you guys are so sweet. (:

I try

its not okay to EVER say nazi, its an offensive term so shut the hell up!

justbigbs 6

At least you don't have to pay the medical bills, and you know who not to lend money in your family!

The perfect way to spend your Christmas morning. Plus, u get sympathy from your parents. ;D

Steal his presents and sell them.

YeAh BuDdy!

Nate98 0

hope u like you're present

Ooh, a rare mix-up of you're/your. Normally people **** up in the opposite circumstances, Merry Christmas to you too.


14 stfu Grammar Nazi

Yes, I hope he likes the fact that he is a present too...

i hope you like you are present. that's what you just said. clap clap clap