By baberuth - 19/06/2015 22:21 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I heard my sister screaming from the basement, "Don't you hit me, you asshole!" Knowing her boyfriend was over, I ran downstairs with my baseball bat, ready to smash the fucker hitting my sister. Turns out they were just playing Mario Kart and he rammed her off the edge of a bridge. FML
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Beating someone up with a baseball bat because they screwed you over in Mario Kart is still a valid reason in my opinion.


tantanpanda 26

Competitive or not, it's still fun to ram someone off the course.

'Must be really competetive'? Thats how you play the game.

more like SHES competitive for screaming over it. haha..

Use the baseball bat on the ******* blue shells

Beating someone up with a baseball bat because they screwed you over in Mario Kart is still a valid reason in my opinion.

psychopolarbear 28

"Break out the bats kids. We're playing Mario Karts." And who says video games offer no exercise? You know how much effort it takes to chase someone down with a bat?

WD_Stevens 22

Rainbow Road is outside the law.

Not quite as valid as it would be if it were Mario Party though.

Been ruining relationships since 1992....

He been abusive before, or were just overreacting?

Yeah OP, you did good. Knowing my brother, he wouldn't have done a thing if he heard me screaming. It's nice to know there are siblings who care.

You would be surprised. Your brother probably cares a lot more about you than you think.

At least that was it and she wasn't being physically hit. You're a good person for trying to defend your sister. Kudos to you Op.

I love this FML. I love how it's worded and I love how ready you were to take this guy down for laying a hand on your sister! You sound like one of my brothers and exactly how they would react if I was being hurt by someone. Not just fists, but a bat and the attitude of "this guy isn't coming up the stairs alive." It's cute. Good job op!

well it nice to know you care that much about your sister. not many siblings care for each other

Its actually the other way around. Many siblings do care of each other, rarely we see some one who doesn't care of his/her brother/sister. OP keep doing what you are doing. Not yoga.

most siblings do care about each other but while growing up its hard to see that.

Agree with #51. The sibling arrangement is like "no one kicks my dog but me" one example is when my sister and I got in to a massive fight and wound up with black eyes and bruised egos because we stole each others clothes..... A week later, she knocked a boy out because he punched me in the arm after a vaccination

Don't feel bad. You were doing a good thing.

pauliegon 18

Good for you for going down to check up on her, even if it didn't go the way you thought it would.

And thankfully, it didn't go as you thought it had been going.