By superman21 - Ireland
Today, I'm on the last day of my honeymoon in Ireland. My wife and I have an amazing hotel room and a huge bed. She's passed out drunk and if I even touch her, she needs the bucket next to our bed. So much for finishing our week on a "fun" note. FML
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  aine500  |  16

C'mon Ireland isn't that bad.... I live there and that thing somebody said about more drunks than people is such a lie. If rarely see somebody who's drunk unless I'm at a party here

  MollySheridan  |  11

Everyone here is being very stereotypical. I live here in Ireland and have done for my whole life and no, we don't drink as much as you all say we do! And of course there isn't more drunks then people over here are you mad?! It's really quite annoying that you all just expect everyone over here to be drunks. Very stereotypical.

By  Pstraka6  |  20

Unfortunately one person finished it on a fun note. Don't bring that up till the next day or later. This will be something you look back and laugh at! More fun vacations in the future

  Razi_tail  |  25

How is puking your guts out fun? This is why I don't understand the point of getting drunk. You don't remember anything and wind up having a shitty time afterward.

  teresa96706  |  29

What's "babymoon"? Did you mean baby shower? I don't understand it either if you did mean baby shower because a pregnant women isn't supposed to drink in the first place.