By superman21 - 28/09/2014 22:55 - Ireland

Today, I'm on the last day of my honeymoon in Ireland. My wife and I have an amazing hotel room and a huge bed. She's passed out drunk and if I even touch her, she needs the bucket next to our bed. So much for finishing our week on a "fun" note. FML
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well if you drink like the Irish you have to face the consequences! sorry op

what he really meant was so much for the pussy she promised me tonight Lol


well if you drink like the Irish you have to face the consequences! sorry op

I thought your statement was witty and funny. Not sure why it got so many downvotes but here's my upvote!

You got my up vote as well #1!

I heard in Ireland there are more drunks than people.

haha thanks 14 and 15 :)

C'mon Ireland isn't that bad.... I live there and that thing somebody said about more drunks than people is such a lie. If rarely see somebody who's drunk unless I'm at a party here

#38 how do you not realise that there being more drunks than people isn't even possible?

martin8337 35

According to a Family Guy episode, there are empty beer bottles littering the runway at the airport. Just saying.

orbit 22

Come on guys, drunks are people too. Treat them with respect.

schhichick 14

Sounds like she should not have been Dublin the drink orders

The reason she was downvoted was because her comment originally said, "sorry OP." She the changed it.

umm nope #80. that's just the last part of my comment :)

Everyone here is being very stereotypical. I live here in Ireland and have done for my whole life and no, we don't drink as much as you all say we do! And of course there isn't more drunks then people over here are you mad?! It's really quite annoying that you all just expect everyone over here to be drunks. Very stereotypical.

Sounds like she had a blast!

Greenteamextreme 16

Probably followed by one bitch of a hangover lol!

schhichick 14

A blast of beer.

aricababyy 22

Still have the morning!

she gonna have a killer hangover tho

SrgntSprnkls77 15

something something true irishman

what he really meant was so much for the pussy she promised me tonight Lol

cryssycakesx3 22

ah, I was thinking he meant yo-yoing or pogo sticking :P

guess you had a rotten week :( congrats on marriage though!

cryssycakesx3 22

I doubt she was drunk the while week...

Well, this IS Ireland we're talking about, here…

Pstraka6 20

Unfortunately one person finished it on a fun note. Don't bring that up till the next day or later. This will be something you look back and laugh at! More fun vacations in the future

Razi_tail 25

How is puking your guts out fun? This is why I don't understand the point of getting drunk. You don't remember anything and wind up having a shitty time afterward.

depends how drunk you get #65 getting drunk can be fun but you don't have to push yourself to being sick or blacking out

That's why you don't drink too much. At least you had some fun drinking, however!

#7: Agreed. I'm wondering if this is a sign that the OP's wife has a problem. Hard to tell from just one instance.

Guess no babymoon for you then.

What's "babymoon"? Did you mean baby shower? I don't understand it either if you did mean baby shower because a pregnant women isn't supposed to drink in the first place.

its a play on words(maybe might be called something else) instead of honeymoon they said babymoon as in no baby making activities

No baby conceived on the honeymoon.

Joking on FML equals too many negative votes! So OP, I feel you. Be strong and look forward.

dude you're so deep

eaglerob 20

That's rough. Maybe you can get a "get out of jail free" card out of this. Hang in there, the fun times are almost over.