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OP here, I love all of the comments you have written :D I didn't think this would get published. But to answer some questions the puke did get all over my shirt, the man apologized to me before stumbling out of the store, and my boss let me leave early. I did not have to clean anything but myself. Maintenance took care of it and they shut down the register for a while to take of it. Thanks for the comments guys :D any questions feel free to message me.
By SiaJoy / Tuesday 7 July 2015 06:00 / United States - Augusta
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I'm glad it was handled that way. I know it sucks, but it just gets alil depressing seeing how insane people get about punishing each other. Especially in the comments. Jail would have been insanely harsh for what he did, which is being a drunk idiot. It happens, no need to possibly ruin someone's life over it.

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