By Bubbles_the_klut - 07/07/2015 03:21 - United States - Oswego

Today, after my boss has gotten in the habit of calling me "bubble wrap girl" at work because I'm clumsy and he claims I need to be covered in bubble wrap for my own protection, I have just probably broken two toes by dropping a hairdryer on my foot. I will never hear the end of this. FML
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OP here, thankfully my toes are not broken after all. And for those asking how a hair dryer could possibly do that, it's easy. The more times you break a bone, the easier it is to re-break. So no, my hair dryer is not made of concrete, I'm just fragile...

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Bubble wrap would be so fun to wear though? Like, you'd be happy wherever you went

Actually they grow stronger after they've healed for a long time. Unless they've been broken repetitively within a short time frame


Just wrap it up in bubble wrap! You'll be fine!

I can't tell if this is sarcasm, or supposed to be funny.

The issue here is you need lighter hair dryers. It sounds like you dropped a clothes dryer on your toes.

Am I the only one wondering how heavy a hair dryer must be to break two bones??

Hey at least you didnt grill your own foot on a Foreman Grill haha

It would have been better if she had done it with a toe-ster! *Ahem* I'll see myself out...

Everyother thing around you also need to be covered in bubble wrap for their own protection. Bubble wrap girl

Well... You are clumsy, so just accept it? Maybe it's a cute thing?

I agree with 43. I once dropped a bottle of family size shampoo on my foot. I still swear to this day that I broke my foot from that.

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Your middle name is definitely not "Grace".

Yes is it. And her last name is Full, her first name is Not.

"The bubble wrap turned on me, it started to strangle my foot like a boa constrictor and broke both of my toes."

Bubble wrap is something fun OP, maybe he's hitting on you at the same time? But also sorry about the broken toes OP, hope they heal soon.

Bubble wrap would be so fun to wear though? Like, you'd be happy wherever you went

Sounds like your boss is just kidding with you. With your luck, maybe you need to wrap yourself in the stuff or get a pair of steel toed pumps.