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Today, at WalMart, I saw a guy taping a sign that read "Hide and seek world champs!" over the lost children board. I chased him out of the store, then came back to take it down. As I was trying to remove the sign, a huge crowd began cursing at me and threatening me. They thought I'd made the sign. FML
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That is really gross that someone would actually make a sign like that. Sorry they thought it was you. =[

I feel guilty for laughing at that...but goddamn that's hilarious


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That is really gross that someone would actually make a sign like that. Sorry they thought it was you. =[

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LOL! i have NEVER laughed out loud at a FML but this one made me laugh. :D ! that guy is my hero !!! -runs off to wal mart with exact same sign-

Your a **** head why do you have to reply to the first post just to be at the top?! Gaaawd

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because I am, in your intelligent words, a "**** head." :D

You're replying even though your comment has no relation to previous comments. Pathetic.

@1 How is it gross? That guy is FUNNY! It's the lost children's fault for being stupid enough to not stick with parents.

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you're an idiot. How is it a child's fault? They are not yet developed enough to see consequences such as being kidnapped and killed. And many times kids are taken by people they know.

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AHAHAHAHAHA why chase that guy, he deserves a freaking medal

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no, 61, it's actually the irresponisible parents, who don't A.)Kepp a close eyte on their young kids, and B.) Don't teach their kids that going somewhere in a store without their parents can be dangerous. My Mom told me not to wander off, or i could get kidnapped. That scraed me, so I stayed with her. Also, she would take me into the bathrooms with her in public place because of how many children have been kidnapped out of bathrooms. OS don't blame the kids, its not their fault that they have crappy, irresponsible parents.

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Wow you are all sick people. Have you ever been into a Wal-Mart? They have missing children's pictures up in the entrance, like kidnapped and been gone for a long time kind of missing. That isn't funny, that's extremely rude and the man was being completely ignorant to the children's parent's feelings. (ignorant doesn't mean rude it means unknowing for all of you people who use it incorrectly) At least some people in here have a heart.

I agree with #68 Some things are funny, and can be joked about. But a missing child? While I'll admit I kinda laughed to myself on reading this, joking about in public is the most horrible thing ever. Seriously, I don't know what it would be like to lose a child, but it sounds like it would one of the most awful things that could happen to you.

i agree, the sign is hilarious i intend on doing that now

#85 You are so right. You practically stole the words out of my mouth... How could it be ANYBODY'S fault except the kidnapper? OP: I'm sorry that you had to deal with that. That guy's a jerk.

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It's not sick... It's slightly humorous, yes, but it's not sick.

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yes because all of those children have irresponsible parents and NONE of them were taken by force. Let me ask you a question: ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME?!?! You must be ill informed to a serious degree. How dare you assume that of every missing child. The fact of the matter is you don't know thier history and you're more than likely never going to. It's heartless, ungrateful, ignorant people like you that make the world we live in hell? People like you hold us back, open your eyes and think you before you speak.

The poor guy was obviously a victim of a vindictive ex-wife who hides the children and cries to the court that he is a dead-beat dad who does not pay child support.

You are an idiot. Why do you presume they were kidnapped?? They are MISSING Children, NOT all kidnapped stupid. Do some research before running your mouth on something you obviously know nothing about. Oh wait! You are probably a left-wing liberal who "feels" instead of "thinks"...

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I'm a left-wing liberal and I agree with you 100%. Just because my political stand-point is different then yours doesn't mean I have worse beliefs.

Thanks for agreeing with me LWL. On a second note, yes it does.

lalala~ i like to freakin eat killing children motha fuckas!!!! suck it bitch!

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Are you ******* kidding me, #61? You may be the biggest idiot I have ever seen in my life. It is NOT the children's fault. You don't even know what happens half the time that they do end up being lost. One of my best friend's sister's has been missing for years, so shut the **** up and get your head out of your ass.

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most missing kids are dead or ran away me thinks

omg im so sorry people hought this was you :/ #1... you're stupid. how the hell is that funny?

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i dissagrre wit 68 ur a meanie thats funny now i wanna do it

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those 2 bitches in the picture are hot!!

Everybody shut the **** up that thinks this is funny.It's terrible. My cousin got kidnapped it was not her nor was it my auntie or uncles fault luckily she was returned after 6 weeks unharmed through incredible police work.She was kidnapped right out of my uncles arms in broad daylight and let me tell you I would rather physical torture then the pain me and my family were put through with worry of what sicko had my cousin and what they were doing to her and that was just me imagine what the parents went through.Seriously you don't know the pain till you go through it.

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Fake. I saw a picture of this exact thing on a funny pictures app that I have. Had the sign over the board.

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That man deserves to rot in hell. >

who are you to say that... I think you're actually a worse person for leaving such a hate comment. AND BESIDES THAT NO ONE'S GOING TO "HELL" BECAUSE IT DOESNT EXISTS ! GROW UP !

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haha everything about #100's comment was right

Oh that sucks :( Didn't you make it obvious you were taking it down? Or explain it? FYL anyway

thats horrible that someone made that but it is funny, honestly who didn't laugh a little at that?

I hate people... They're so ******* stupid sometimes. Are you an employee? If you are, it OBVIOUSLY wasn't you who put the sign up. You'd think the uniform would be enough in that case >_

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it doesnt say he was an employee....just that he saw him put the sign up

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How expected. Sucks for the good guy to be caught.

I feel guilty for laughing at that...but goddamn that's hilarious