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Today, my mom baked a cake for the whole family. One spent EpiPen later, I found out there were nuts in it, which I'm severely allergic to. My mom's defense was that she thought I'd have "gotten over" my allergy by now. FML
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She's not gonna shell out any sympathy, and i bet she cracked up during the incident.

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I filbert lots of sympathy for OP.

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Either my pun sucked, or not many here know what a filbert is. I'm guessing the former.

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I just hope that OP and his mother eventually made al-monds.

I can see why she's thinking like that. Some conditions, like asthma, can go away. Still, your mother's being a bitch. FYL.

#108 - Unfortunately, with nut allergies, that's generally not the case. Though, this makes my wonder what kind of nuts OP is allergic too since my allergy keeps escalating. I too am own allergic to nuts, save for peanuts since they're actually a bean, but I still can't have them since they're manufactured on equipment with other nuts; Almonds, cashchews, hazlenuts, etc. Cross contamination is a bitch. And I recently found out I'm allergic to shae nuts. I too am okay, but if OP's mom has to go refill his EpiPen every couple of years, he hasn't "grown out" of it.

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allergies are a tough nut to crack. *drops mic*

Apparently, perhaps OP has gotten over needing oxygen too?

She must be nutty. I pecan't believe anyone sane would do such a thing!

That's some nutty rationale your mom used. I'm glad your okay, though.

your profile picture made this even better

She acts like a nut allergy is an illness, like a cold..

technically it is a medical condition like a cold.

A cold is not a medical condition, dim bulb.

Also, #27, technically an allergy is an inaccurate immune response, usually involving IgE instead of the typical IgG. This causes a response involving Mast Cells, Eosinophils and other "heavy hitters" of the immune response, typically those involved in parasitic worm attack/annihilation.

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You actually can get over allergies over time. I haven't had to use an inhaler around cats for years. Dust and pollen still get me though.

@84: I feel like that's true when your immune system gets used to the agitator because you're being exposed to it (I grew out of my asthma as well). But it's difficult for OP to expose himself to nuts because he could die, so his system never has a chance to build up immunity towards nuts.

Put a spider on her when she's sleeping, and when she screams tell her you thought she had "gotten over" her fear of spiders.

You can actually "grow into" allergies too, even if you're exposed frequently or constantly. After years of eating peanut butter almost daily I developed an allergy to them when I was 17, naturally my mother didn't believe me either and still tries to slip me peanuts whenever I visit her. Her logic is that "no one had allergies in the '50s" so it must be "in my head".

just wear a cardboard necklace stating your allergies. problem solved.

Assuming her mother has the mental capacity to read it, which may be in question.

op could always wear a piece of paper with various nuts in those red circles with a slash.. and in big letters wrote no nuts..

do you not like homosexuals? and it gets the point across

I meant it gets the point that op doesn't want or like or shouldn't have nuts. sorry you have a such perverted mind op would only wear it around their mom

Shhh, awkwardloveannie, you're getting in the way of some heavy white knighting.

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@32 you mean lesbians? Makes a little more sense than "female homosexuals".

Oh god, Noor voted down three times in a row! What is this world coming to?

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People are so damn sensitive these days. You can't even a SAY homosexual without someone getting offended and assuming the worst.

its not the use of the word its how "Nope" used it. while I have you what does "a SAY" mean

@70 Lesbians are homosexuals as homosexual is merely the opposite of heterosexual. So it makes equally as much sense to say female homosexual or homosexual female, as it does to say lesbian.

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I love the fact that people who aren't homosexual get so defense for them like they're an endangered species.

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#32, that was a good joke. It was not at all hateful, so I'm disappointed at all of the negative reaction to it. When people take offense to things that are not offensive, they lose credibility in pointing out the truly offensive.

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91- why? I found it pretty amusing.

she could have atleast warned you first even if she thought you were "over" your allergy just incase

Atleast? Incase? Whatmakes youthink thoseare oneword?

51, I read your comment in iambic pentameter.

Aww nuts! Seriously though, wtf? Your mom is out to get you.

I'm glad you're okay, Op! My throat swells like a balloon when I eat nuts! D:

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That just took a really weird turn.

And I'm just sitting here, thinking I should have expected that.

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I feel bad for you, be sure to rest.