By He Hates Me... - 21/10/2015 00:15 - United States - Ogden

Today, I'm in my third week at a new job. Using an online service our company recommends, I accidentally downloaded a virus that is now working its way through our website, randomly sending our customers Viagra ads via our email. I personally had to tell the founder of the company. FML
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I'm sure he'll take the news pretty... Hard

Looks like you're in a stiff position...


I down voted this by the way, it wouldn't fricken delete

I'm sure he'll take the news pretty... Hard

It'll hit him pretty hard. OP, if your boss is still pissed after 4 hours, then he needs to consult a psychiatrist.

He might even use that ad to buy that stuff. Who knows

#10 deserves more up votes than that

I bet that was real HARD to tell your boss... I'm bad at puns, but in all seriousness that stinks OP. I hope you can get rid of the virus and apologize to your customers and get this sorted out!

Hopefully he doesn't take the news too hard... Edit: Didn't see #2's comment.

Did you tried turning it on and off again ?

Looks like you're in a stiff position...

Don't let it get to your head, OP. Just keep on working hard! It sucks, but it'll be okay, hopefully it won't penetrate the customers fire wall!

Hehe, penetrate

Chin up OP, at least you have the excuse that the website was recommended to you!

I'm sure the punishment will be stiff. Lesson learned, a very rigid lesson learned.

Haha, that blows but is freakin hilarious at the same time. Hopefully it turns out ok for you OP. You did use a service they recommend, so it wasn't purposely malicious