By smarie09 - 06/03/2010 22:44 - Canada

Today, I accidentally downloaded a virus, which hijacked my email program. I somehow doubt the Dean at my university will thank me for my suggestion that he too could experience 100% natural male enhancement pills. FML
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That really sucks big time. Why don't you try to get ahold of your Dean before he reads the email and attempt to explain the situation?


Prototype12 0

how did the hacker know who was the Dean?

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**** you 26, i was winning. NOOOOOOO!!!!!

cowgod 0

I'm still playing the game

@25: the hacker probably sent the email to everyone. in this case that just so happened to include the dean

haha I would say YDI BUT small penises are bad! I'm sorry, but I ATLEAST need a dick that can hit the end of my vag...if that thankfully I've never come across a nub penis before

dudeitsdanny 9

51- Your ****** isn't more than 6 inches deep, and hitting the wall of your ****** will cause you more pain than most people enjoy. My God, I feel like snickerdoodles talking about prostates.. =D But really, ignorance isn't attractive, so talk like this will only attract sexually ignorant guys who will tell you that "you're not tight enough."

as opposed to purposefully downloading a virus?

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hahahaha that is so tru bout both things u said lol

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wow that sucks but even adobe flashplayer had viruses in it so you never know where they're coming from

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damn you! you made me lose. >.<

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hey who knows maybe he's gonna thank for miracuously saving his marriage with those pills :] but that's a maybe..

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51 is a *****. not even 18 and already been around. tisk tisk.

@67: that doesn't make her a *****... you're just jealous and mad that you're still a virgin. haha virgin

MetroidSlayer01 8

^^^i am cetainly not a virgin and look up the definition of a *****.

65 idk if I already told you this but your so pretty ^_^ and MetroidSlayer, I'm a ***** for saying I don't like small penis? interesting.

@51 I'm sorry but your comments on fml make you come off as a ditzy girl that's only desperate for attention. we really don't need to hear about your sexual experiences or anything related to the subject. Danny is clearly calling you out because of your stupidity.

72 I'm pretty sure I've only posted like 2 or 3 comments ab my 'sexual experiences'

Monikabug 9

@82. Just ignore them, to them you are just jailbait! You can say whatever you want to say and hold it as your opinion, and if they don't like it they can shove it. There are several girls who thought the same thing as you. @OP, FYL. I am sure that your Dean will be a little less than understanding, but I hope it works out!

85 I pretty much agree. I would only say stuff like that when the fml or someones comment related to it. and it wasn't like detailed it was like reminds me of the time me and my bf were screwing then (whatever) happend.

@ 51 the only thing will cum across u well is cum 2nd ur ****** is probably like throwing a hot dog in the hall way and probably needs a Long line to reach the end but even then some1 is already there 3rd male inhancement does not neccasarily mean they got a small dick and who knows it prob can reach the end of ur ****** but for how long?? think quick but not like minute man here with the virus

sugarbabyxoxo 2

@53, YUP hahaha big dicks hurt! lmao. who get pleasure out of something pounding into the like top part of the inside of your vag! not I!

maybe I explained myself wrong or something. but I like when a guy has more (as in length) than can fit in me so he can go hard. or am I the only one who likes it hard?...

sugarbabyxoxo 2

well no I understand what your saying lol I like it hard too. butt when it's too big like ling it ****** hurts lmao. just mynpersonal opinion. but I don't think your a "loose whatever". we all have different likes lol. haha. ignore the haters!

haha yeah I was saying that to Danny. I actually like it when it hurts some though so I probably am abnormal haha

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#95, u are a *****, and an attention ***** at that. nobody gives a flyin rats ass how u like ur sex experiences, mostly cause after all the ones uve had, a guy could prolly get the same experiance from screwin mason jar. sure, he can reach the end, but the sides are loose enough to swallow a whale

yupp, I'm a ***** I've only had sex with 2 guys, that's deff a *****

You're a ***** because nearly every damned comment you make on this site involves sex in one way or another.

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104... get some friends. Nobody likes grammar nazi's.

Blue_Coconuts 7

Internet white knight to the rescue! I'll save my sexual inuendo's for when you're 18 though, jailbait is bad. :( .... When you're 18 I'll talk sex all you want though. Not in public. Hah

Blue_Coconuts 7

Also from my understanding girth is more important than length. My ex had only been with thin guys and was convinced that she couldn't have orgasms from sex till I slept with her. Meh.

are you suppose to be looking at your email in class?

Blue_Coconuts 7

Also I would like to put it on record that I ******* love eggo waffles. That is all.

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@106 you look like a queer tool. ahahahah. you reminded me of a young MJ, and the car your leaning on looks like a station wagon :D!

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I agree with mfmylifesrsly, once again. :P

ydi for downloading midget ****, thus getting a virus for enhancement pills. Random shit like this should back me up.

128. or maybe your just a *****. but no actually I was raised to believe sex is special. and also I was homeschooled so the pressure was much less, I was still offered but deliced. anyway, just because you were a ***** in hs doesn't mean everyone is. some people actually look at sex as something special, maybe you should to before you get an STD

you know what everybody shut up and stop judging #51 so what she post she post but y'all don't know her offline so y'all have no right to judge. there case close everybody who is insulting her just get a damn life and move on

it would have sent emails to everyone the op has contacted lately

@106 I think you should know that just because you defend mfmylifesrsly she will not offer to sleep with you &gt;_&lt; hahaha And for the record I DON'T think you're a ***** mfmylifesrsly!! and some of you are taking this out of proportion. I just think you share a little TMI. I mean just from this one post we learned that A) you need "a dick that can hit the end of your vag" B) you like it hard C) you like it to the point where it hurts and D) youve had sex with two guys who apparently have huge dicks since E) youve never come across a "nub penis before" Ok I think ive made my point! Besides it seems like all she wants is attention! So i suggest we stop giving it to her!!

Blue_Coconuts 7

"and also I was homeschooled so the pressure was much less, I was still offered but deliced" I laughed at this because it reminded me of Family Guy... When Chris and Meg are homeschooled and he writes the note to his sister saying his mom is hot... Wincest.

Aurik 0

@72 Good lord! Let the woman talk about her sexual experiences if she wants!!! /runs off to get popcorn

131 THANK YOUU! and thanks lovedoveybiatch or however you spell it, I won't lie I do like attention, I'm a sanguine personality haha but I don't like negative. although Freeze's comment posting a link to an old FML I commented on made me laugh. he obviously has no life if he's going to remember what I said from that FML over a month ago, and better yet find it's URL to post on here. anyway, I'm done. good day everyone.

having it with one makes you a *****, if your not married.

dacman48 0

#103, read ur first comment. that was enough to convince anybody on here that ur more than a little promiscious

no problem #140, it's idiots like the people judging you is the reason why America is starting to fall apart. they say your trying to get attention but really they are.

Actually, I just popped your name into Google and got that result, which only backs up my argument that nearly all of your comments are slutty. I like how you completely ignored it, and then said I'm the one with no life. Great defense. I'm done, no use in arguing with a moron who can't tell the difference between "your" and "you're".

ur a ***** for talking about sex in every ******* fml that pops up. grow up....

o hey good one I'm a moron when you're the one trying to feel good by insulting people over the Internet nobody is scared of you and you can act big but freeze your nothing but a low life bitch stop trying to act like you know everything get a damn life to stupid ass pussy

o and by the way freeze open up a grammar book sometime "your" being present tense which I wrote because I posted my comment mere seconds after I read the other comments and "you're" is past tense so in a way it doesn't matter how you think it, it matters how I was saying it

First, I wasn't even talking to you. Second, "you're" isn't past tense, you idiot. "You're" is a contraction of "you" and "are". You're (you are) embarrassing yourself.

o hey did you look that up on google you freaking stalker? going on the Internet isn't about makeing fun of people or to correct there grammar in a cruel way or insult them it's about connecting to others around the world yes I know I've insulted people in my comments but because it pisses me off when people like you start arguement just to get the attention

No, no. You told me to open up a grammar book and then said something completely false. You're a hypocrite, and I don't think anyone but you would look up on the internet to see if "you're" was past tense or a contraction. It's common knowledge, and you're incapable of that. I'm done.

dacman48 0

#140, shut the **** up, #150, im british, so wat the **** are u talkin about O.o

I would be a hypocrite if I didn't admit I did insult you and no I didn't look it up in google otherwise I would have got it right and sue me you say you're done but I bet you're gonna respond to this comment

weritomexican, you are a dumbass. How about you learn how to properly speak English and then go tell people the difference between "your" and "you're". And Freeze would not have had to look that up on Google, that's common knowledge to people who aren't as stupid as you.

#166 shut up this arguement has been over with for like 4-5 hours now and common knowledge? people as stupid as me? dude I'm in 10th grade and read at a level surpassing college. you know what excuse me for making one mistake on my grammar and this is between "a" and "b" so "c" your way out of it

@111 thank you I finally understand what that picture is saying!

I'm also in 10th grade and read at an above collage level and unless English isn't your first language, there is no reason to not know the difference between your and you're. It's like not knowing the difference between 'no' and 'know'.

yeah well 170 I perfer not to use that many word contraction and although I do use some I do not use all of them that I was taught in my elementry days I have forgotten along the way many of them after years without using some of them. so shut up and mind your business also you could ask any of my teachers I am a well accomplished student and score a perfect or commended score on my taks test every year and I also score high on the reading/grammar section of the PSAT

MetroidSlayer01 8

AHAHAHAHAHAHA I never would have thought my original ***** comment could cause so much debate! Fml users crack me up! AHAHAHAHA

^^ Lmfao my thoughts exactly! do you see this?? hahaha it just drags on and on and onnn

so what have we learned today? Freeze needs a life and fmylifesrsly is at least an attention *****, if not a real *****. btw, did you know were on fml, not the debate team, ok? let's enjoy some Funny stories and move on.

#168, dude I'm in the 10th grade too. I'm just saying man, if you're going to be telling people how the English language goes, at least get it right. I'm sorry if I pissed you off or anything.

cbearxo 0

I highly doubt that a 10th grader can read at a "level surpassing college" if they can't spell a word as simple as "argument". I hate when people make silly claims like that.

179 it's cool and 181 a reading level is not about spelling it is about having an understanding of the English concepts and word definition but I may not spell some words right but who knows how to spell every word correctly anyway?

drewu261 0

@51 I bet behind that picture of 3 girls is an ugly fat girl that wants to feel like she belongs so she posts sexual comments acting like she gets some... but in real life she doesn't.

TheBreaKer_fml 0

to the girl talking about sex how old are you? you look like 15 in your pic. i dont think you're supposed to be talking about that stuff yet

Craw25 0

You deserve a reward for that stupidity.

qutelilprincessx 0

That really sucks big time. Why don't you try to get ahold of your Dean before he reads the email and attempt to explain the situation?

MellowYelloe 0

He probably didn't know the email was ever sent untill his dean recieved it.

MellowYelloe 0

Either way, OP can still explain the situation to the Dean.

LtHoward 0

Hopefully you explained what happened to him, he should be able to understand, what were you trying to download anyways? lol

Yoyolol_fml 3

Virus's are scheming bastards!

Yeah, spam is shiz. I get 10 emails every day advertising Canadian medications. Or maybe the Canadians are on to me... O_o

barnmaster98 5

we're totally onto you. ahaha

hey, I discovered something even better. mix the tears of an orange wilebeast with liquid diapers and feed it to a wild goat, which is to be sacrificed over mount doom whole playing the harpsicord version of "sweet home Alabama" backwards and counting to six in lepercaun. this will cure all computer viruses and make your poop smell like strawberries. it's worked for me everytime.