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Today, my boyfriend of 6 years broke up with me. That would have been fine, if we hadn't just moved in with his mother a week ago to save money. FML
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I made an account because this is my FML and wanted to comment on all the questions and whatnot. My boyfriend and I had been having problems for a while now, but we just had a beautiful daughter 7 months ago, so we wanted to do our best to make things work. The place we were renting had been sold and we didn't really have the money to afford a deposit and rent towards a new place since I was only working part time due to the baby, so we moved into his moms to save up for it. When he told me he wanted to break up, I knew in my heart that it was the right thing. Forcing something that wasn't meant to be isn't the way to go. His mother is an amazing person and isn't forcing me and my daughter out, rather helping me find a better job, get my license, and generally get my life together before I move out. He is actually looking for a place to move out himself. And it isn't at all awkward between us living together right now, especially since he is in the basement in his own room and I'm in the room upstairs with my daughter. We are taking the mature route, trying to stay friends for our daughters sake, and there really isn't any bad blood between us since I knew in my heart it was time to split as well. although it wasn't the best idea to move in with his mother but there wasn't any other viable options. I'm just thankful his mother understands my situation and is doing what she can to help me get back on my feet.

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Guess it's time to move out now, OP.

I don't think moving out is going to be that easy because OP and her boyfriend must be struggling financially a bit if they decided to move in with her mother to save money

I feel bad for OP but moving in with his parents. . . Thats a huge no no regardless of the financial crisis. Even if you are friends with his family its a huge risk, that alone can and might have ended things.

At first I didn't read the "to" in your comment and thought you were suggesting OP should try makeup. Either way your comment was dumb.

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Sometimes only once it's too late do you realise that you are making a mistake. He probably didn't have the guts to tell you before. I should know, i was in the same boat. Good luck.

I'm sorry, that really sucks. Can you move out?

I'm a bit concerned about the "that would have been fine" part, considering you have been dating for 6 years and moved in with his mother.

OP likely just meant that they would have had an easier time moving on if they weren't stuck in such an awkward situation.

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I can't help but feeling like she had something to do with it.

6 years are a lot, maybe you can make out with him unless the bteak up's been caused by something really really terrible(cheating or something)