Good morning

By Elliot - 22/07/2010 15:10 - United Kingdom

Today, I lifted up my blinds, only for them to detach from the wall, hit me on the head, knock a pile of paper over, spill a can of Pepsi, leave plaster all over the floor and a gaping hole in the wall above my window. FML
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MrCalves 1

sounds like a massive clusterf*ck

Should have had a V8 instead.


haha, I love pepsi!

Janglur476 0

#35 you look amazing! and dr. pepper FTW!!!!

Shookitup 0

thank you #72 ^.^

zackbjj1 0

I agree

product placement

OP YDI because you drink pepsi

bmexoxo98 0

well that sucks!!:) ha

ouch :( so sry bout the pepsi :P

rawrkittehpwnage 0

or op is a clutz

the_flirtt 0

wow I would make another hole in the wall with my fist !

LOL sad stuff

yagurlteeteexoxo 0

lol wow that's funny op.

MrCalves 1

sounds like a massive clusterf*ck

should have gone with curtains