By sniffmyzebra - 20/10/2015 19:46 - Canada - Medicine Hat

Today, my blind date tried to sell me a vacuum. I bought it. FML
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sniffmyzebra tells us more.

Can't believe this was published! OP here, as some you said, the date really did suck. But my brand new vacuum sucks even more! Did I do it right? I'll leave.

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Sounds like the date really sucked!

he's got talent.


MedChew 19

Such a sucker

It was probably a Dyson. Attractive name AND great product.

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Read the FML.

well, did you read the fml?

Got lazy reading half way through the FML, did we?

Have you tried turning yourself on and off again?

Oh my god, I just saw the fml, it was 5:00 in the morning when I read this and I guess I blanked out because I swear I only saw "my bling date tried to sell me a vacuum" and I was in a hurry for the first few comments, I apologize sincerely

Salesmen will do anything for commission these days...

Sounds like the date really sucked!

Abhimanyu 14

Someone posted the same shit before -_-

he's got talent.

Damn straight. That's one helluva salesman.

He sucked your money

He didn't try, he SUCKceeded in selling you the vacuum.................I'm sorry...I'm new here :(