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If you use crap that everyone tends to use (i.e. Norton, MacAffee), there comes a point when people will decide to use it as a hole. Those programs don't catch very much and are not nearly as good as Avast, which is free for non-commercial use and works on even linux.

  saluda  |  0

It's not ironic though, it's dumb.

A program can't "get" a virus. The only thing that could happen was if somehow a virus tucked itself away in one of the directories for the software.

  Person1233  |  12

Well if the OP can't afford overpriced macs then it wasn't an option. I've only had PCs and never in my life have had a virus for more than 5 seconds.

  tsundere  |  1

That's why you go for the FREE option! Linux! Ubuntu's awesome for those of you who are completely computer illiterate and used to a graphical interface.

In any case, sucks that you have a crappy virus program. Use AVG or Avast next time and don't use IE.

  Jernau_Gurgeh  |  0

@tsundere: Ubuntu is also awesome for UNIX gurus who want to get up and running quickly, and are bored with editing configuration files. The installer manages just about everything for you! From empty harddisk to productive computer in half an hour! No more wasted days installing Windows + a zillion programs to make the system usable, or recompiling kernels like in the old days. It. Just. Works. Yay!

Also, there're HOWTOs for EVERYTHING for Ubuntu. If anything is supported for Linux, it almost always supports Ubuntu.

  tpike1296  |  11

to 23: Linix Mi I a good option...I een allow advance theming (Windows 7?! it's even better...Linux!!!!) and full compatibility with devian and Ubuntu..,and install a VM and run windows too!!!

  azelk  |  8

*nix is easier to write viruses for in my opinion. It's just that a lot more idiots use Windows, so that's the logical operating system to write a virus for.

  Ravike  |  17

People who say go with Ubuntu is just fan boys, I'm a Ubuntu user and when it comes to software and gaming support Linux sucks big time, Windows is actually good if you know how to use it with a genuine key and a good AV I go with kaspersky :p MAC eeeh too much money for low end specs, conclusion : windows is an all-rounder with flaws lol


Was just about to suggest this.

Guaranteed the OP used McAfee or Norton, which we (our IT department at the company I work at) joke is more of a virus than the viruses themselves. Just do a full uninstall and get Avast! or AVG and save yourself the hassle.

#9 - my definition of an FML is a situation that your life is truly f***ed with. This situation can be somewhat easily remedied so ironic or not, it is not a true FML.