Welcome to Glasgow!

By Anonymous - 28/04/2022 02:00

Today, we arrived in Scotland for our holiday, specifically because we were told it’s one of the friendliest places in the UK. First I was mugged, then my car was broken into and my laptop stolen, then we tried to at least go out for dinner and a drunk told us to, "Fuck off back to 'Curry Country'." FML
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That is the friendliest place in the UK. The rest is even worse.

Aurora25 29

Must be Glasgow


Aurora25 29

Must be Glasgow

Madchick14 11

hey, Glasgow was once voted the most friendliness city, and the most violent city in the same year... a comedian said, we may beat you up, but we'll at least point you to the nearest hospital

AzraelAngelus 15

That is far kinder than all of California

California is a lot nicer than a lot of places. I’m from Ohio and you can barely sneeze without hitting a complete asshole.

homehints1001 7

I like in the UK and I don't know who told you that information as no says that here.

I'm pretty sure Scottish muggers say it.

That is the friendliest place in the UK. The rest is even worse.

Belfast is the best place! Where else can you find a sketchy police sevice and people getting beaten up in the middle of the afternoon in the city centre?

sounds like you fell for the tourist propaganda, I know how that goes I live in the Upper peninsula of Michigan and the United States. where they are constantly trying to attract tourists. But here we have a saying here "come on vacation leave on probation" because law enforcement around here is so strict they seem to Target tourists.