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By Robert - 01/07/2009 09:37 - United States

Today, I got two viruses on my laptop. One was a fake anti-spyware program that cluttered the screen with pop-ups. The other opened the browser repeatedly, each time to a generic porn site. This all conveniently happened at work, on a projector and during a meeting. FML
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Wow that is really terrible.. Talk about bad timing FYL indeed

aww, that happened to someone i know at school once.


Wow that is really terrible.. Talk about bad timing FYL indeed

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well he's the one that went on the site that GAVE him the viruses. YDI.

agreed, YDI for going to those sites on your work computer

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THAT HAPPENED TO ME 2!! I don't even watch **** and it kept on coming. you should have pressed ctrl+alt+delete then it would have logged off then log back on and the virus is cured

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You're obviously not a computer person...

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computer viruses don't go away by restarting. I've never heard of something that dumb. then why would antivirus programs be that importantnif you could just hit three keys to make the viruses go away? Then you wouldn't need a technitian to help you get rid of them.

I'm a hacker and I can make viruses like that but they're hard to make but pretty ez to get rid of get a protector I use kapersky because it's 80$ and the activation code can be used 3 Times and it's mac compatible

So viruses cure themselves it you log iff and wait?

I got one too from a book review site. You don't have to visit a **** site to get a virus.

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damn that happened to me. I was downstairs, alone and my dads upstairs then "" and a "please enter your name" came up repeatedly, the computer didn't turn off so I forced it to and broke it. oh and my dad is anti-love/sex

Reminds me of the FML of a life guard that saved a child and came out the water with a boner and his meeting was the next day ; bad timing.

aww, that happened to someone i know at school once.

Macs are easier to hack, it's just that no one bothers to because Macs are so shit that people don't even bother making viruses for it.

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Well next time, so this doesn't happen, get a good antivirus...or just get a Mac :D

I'm so glad programmers are getting tired of hearing the statement and are coding viruses for Macs. You do realize it's not because Macs have better virus protection, it's because not as many people use them right? There is no benefit of a Mac-only virus if it won't be transfered to the majority of the computers. If you really didn't know that, then I pity you. Steve Jobs has done his job in brainwashing you.

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#13: ummm....ok? You're just crazy, you want people to get viruses just because you can't afford or can't get a mac...or you just don't agree with their choices of getting one. I'm sorry, but you are just a hater!! Stop being a freaking Windows fanboy, and I'm not brainwashed...I use a Mac because it fits my needs, but I have a PC too, and my Mac is far better at not getting viruses, and not because they aren't coded for Macs, but because they in fact do have a great antivirus.

Your an idiot, Macs don't stop you from getting a virus...about 70% of the world uses a PC, about 25% Mac and the other 5% Linux/Unix etc.. (numbers are not perfect but they get the point across). If I were to make a virus I would make it for PC's if I wanted to do something. Macs are just as easy to make a virus for as a PC. Its just people aren't idiots, so they go for the OS that most people have. There is a reason Windows is on #1 and sure isn't b/c Mac's are better. What a idiot.

NGM's fanboy statements are amongst the funniest statements I've ever read on this state. I'm gonna have to send you an award for making me actually laugh out loud. "Superior antivirus" lol!!! Can you name this superior antivirus without googling it? Because last I checked, MacOS didn't come prebundled with antivirus; so go ahead and tell me what superior antivirus is on your computer. Now watch as he changes his mind and says "No, wait. I meant to say that macs don't crash unlike windows!" Oh, and for the record, I have almost every OS in existence... I have MSDOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 98, Windows XP Pro (32/64 bit), Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 (ok, it's old, but who cares), Linspire, Mandrake, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Mac OS Leopard/Panther/Tiger (not snow leopard though; or whatever it's called), Windows Vista Ultimate (32 bit/64 bit), and... I think that's everything. Oh wait, I actually have Ubuntu Netbook Remix for my Acer Aspire too. Ok, now with that said, what's the best OS out of all of them? Windows XP 32 bit. Yes, you can get viruses from time to time, but if you are vigilant and don't download stuff like "Super Virus Remover Pro Awesome Edition 2012" and other crap, you're safe. So much for "not being able to afford, or can't get" Mac OS X... And just for the record, this is the truth:

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@#26 he was referring to the fact that you cant use a mac for anything worthwhile, such as work

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#35: well sorry I'm not a fatass 40 year old virgin living under their parent's basement like you who just wastes their life with computers. With everything you have just stated, you have proved that you have absolutely NO life!! And no, I don't change my mind on anything I said.

I'm not going to pay $2000 for this imaginary super anti-virus. Yes the Linux Kernel is safer, but its not immune to viruses. A few tweeks here and there and it becomes as vulnerable as the windows kernel if not more. It really isn't that hard. So I could build my own PC for $700 get a free antivirus like Avast, no get any viruses actually get some work done and be happy. Where as if I paid $2000 for a mac the only thing I could get done is turning on the computer. The only reason I would ever get a mac is if I was a graphic designer other than that they are Pieces of Sh**. My favorite quote, this is in reference to a Mac: No matter how much you polish a piece of sh**, it is still a piece of sh**.

#40 did you ever stop to think that someone with such an extensive collection of operating systems might be a programmer? I don't know any more than you, but I'm guessing if he owns multiple systems, then he at least makes more money than either of us.

I have owned Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98, 2000, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows XP 32 and 64, Vista Ultimate 32 and 64, and I currently use Windows 7 32 and 64. I have used Mac OS many times and hated it every single time I've used it. I have done programming for Windows and Mac and hated doing it for mac, its a POS system that will never be half as good as windows. this was in addition to my other post I forgot to put it :/

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Well I don't give a damn on what you say, my mac fits my needs on video editing with Final Cut Express, while stupid Windows has it's built in can buy Sony Vegas and some other programs, but I prefer FCE 4. That's the main reason I have a Mac, however, I like how you don't have to scan for viruses on I prefer it. You know my favorite quote in reference to PCs? Ok. "Difference between a virus and windows? Viruses rarely fail."

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BTW, I don't care anymore. I like my Mac for my personal reasons and you like your PC(s) for your reasons...there!! It wont settle anything for me or you guys to argue because at the end of the day, it wont change anything.

Right it wont change anything PC's > Macs

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WOW! what a bitch!! That's your opinion, where are your facts that prove that?...there aren't!! Keep arguing, you still wont prove that PCs are better, it's just your f*cking opinion!!....Just because you write it, doesn't make it true. Have fun rescanning for viruses :D Macs > PCs

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LOL not at all nobody even bothers with macs because they aren't a big company

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WTF are you talking about!? Macs aren't a company, they are computers....if you mean Apple, then where have you been these past years? Under a rock!?....Have you ever heard of iPods, iPhones, Macs, Macbooks? Apple is a HUGE company!

how can a mac be better than a PC when a mac is a PC? PC = Personal Computer lolwut

#63 you have just won the argument! @OP FYL!

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Ok i think all of you windows freaks need to chill. lets the time i've had my ONE mac computer, my dad has had to buy FOUR windows computers. (i'm refraining from calling it a "PC") mac users don't need to buy $60 spyware kits, viruses for mac's are non-existent. Nobody wants to take the time to code a virus for a mac, and so what if its also because more people use windows. either way, WE WIN. we're not wasting hundreds of dollars and worrying about our computers getting a virus. Also, what's even better about the new macs, is that they can run mac AND windows! imagine that! we can buy our $2000 mac computer, and STILL do all of the things your POS windows computer can as well! Only better. MACS > windows.

Dude..where did she say she wanted people to get viruses? She's right. And, just because you have an excellent anti virus, this doesn't ensure you won't get viruses. If an Anti-virus has not yet found a way to stop a virus, or has not been updated, then your computer won't be protected against that virus. For example, there are so many different types of trojan, that some of them cannot be protected against.

I have a mac, and I got this thing that kept Rickrolling me. The Damn video kept coming up in the banner ads. I eventually got a blocker for firefox, but still.

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You have to be completely brain dead to think that there are no viruses for the tens of millions of Mac users because they're in the minority. That's like saying "I won't create a soft drink for teenagers because there are more non-teens in the world." The argument would be the opposite: everyone on windows uses anti-virus software, so you have to be very good to circumvent that. Meanwhile, on Macs, nobody uses anti-virus software, so it would be very easy to exploit them. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to make money off tens of millions of people, just because they are in the minority?! Are you brain dead? OS X's infrastructure is sounder, and stronger. You need more user interaction to create meaningful viruses that do significant damage. It's that simple.

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And plus, Apple sends out updates very often to keep us more protected from viruses...

Lol what? Do you think a Mac has better antivirus than a Windows computer does? They both have next to no protection at all in themselves. It is true that hardly no viruses are coded for Macs, that is why they are spared. There's not even anything to discuss. That said, both Mac and Windows sucks. Too bad Windows has such a huge share on the market right now, so most games and commercial programs are made for Windows. I really don't want to use WINE.

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does it matter? the chances of my mac computer getting a virus before a windows computer gets a virus is non-existent. you get what you pay for! and with macs, you pay for more but you get much better quality.

Ahhh the computer flamewar that's raged on for years. Honestly, they both have advantages and disadvantages. Whichever is better for you and the uses you want it for is your choice and opinion you are entitled too. However, the chances of a Mac getting a virus are slimmer than PC not because of less people using Macs, but that PC's and Windows software are more open. Apple computers and OS are sealed off tight, making Macs actually safer (but not COMPLETELY safe)

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ok dude chill out they're just ******* computers you don't have to pms just because macs are better take a chill pill and get a tampon

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hardy har har mac vs pc fights. i have a pc and it got a shitload of viruses, and i have an imac and it works fine. but its probably because the pc was $700... and the imac was $1200.

let me make this simply for the mac vs window thing 1 mac=$2000 1 hp laptop $400-$800 i would prefer to have 2 laptops $1600 and you dont need an 60 dollar antivirus but lets say you want it that makes a total of $1720 and $280 left to spend on what ever the **** you want so what do you prefer a mac or two windows laptops plus $280 and mac sucks ball becuase most programs are windows only so **** you lol

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@#106 you may be able to have 2 POS windows laptops for less than one mac laptop, but in the long run you'll be spending 2-3 times as much keeping a windows laptop as long as you could keep your one mac laptop.

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WOW!! #110: What a bitch!! I tried ending the freaking argument by saying I don't care anymore cause everyone has their own computer based on their needs, but uneducated retards like you kept going and going!! Why don't you shut the **** up you piece of shit, go die in a hole!! I tried to stop, but you ALL had to keep going...**** YOU #110!!

@110: totally agreed. @NGM_47, i think the only thing that started this flame (and yes, i can't believe i read the whole thing either) is that you implied on one of your first posts that Macs did not get virus' often because they had superior anti-virus software, among other ludicrous and uneducated claims. please check wat you write before you write it @everyone who wants to comment negatively at my comment (including grammar-nazis): no you.

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First of all, I did not say it was a software...(idk where this comment went, it was after my second comment) I said that UNIX based computers such as Macs had a better antivirus (which is not meant as software) and because it is hard to get coded for. Then, I tried to explain that if you like your PC and it fits your needs then it's ok, but then everyone just kept arguing with me so I kept going...if you read it, you would realize I tried to stop.

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Let's all agree that the world would have a problem on its hands if Microsoft and Apple were to merge and become evil, k?

Anyone trying to say that Macs are cheaper than other PCs is just lying to themselves. Macs are internally identical to any other PC. OSX doesn't magically make your PC last longer. It's all preference but a $1000 Macbook is only about as powerful as a $700 HP. Decent antivirus software can easily be found for free.

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@118, have you ever even owned a mac?!

Ok, NGM, you are a real dumbass. You overreact to everything, yell, make stupid fantasy claims and run away screaming "I don't care anymore." I don't insult people on the internet very often, but you suck, period.

CyclonePsycho 1

@124: I knew as soon as I commented that someone was going to say that. Correction - Let's all agree that if Microsoft and Apple ever decided to merge, then the world would be in big trouble. Better? ;D

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YOU'RE ALL IDIOTS Windows has it's faults MacOS has it's faults GNU/Linux has it's faults The only intelligent people in this argument are the programmers who've actually used more than one operating system in their lives. I personally prefer GNU/Linux, but I don't go around spewing claims like "LINUX GETS NO VIRUSES BECAUSE ITS BETTERR!!!!1" or "ONLY PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMERS USE LINUX!!!!!" Seriously, that's exactly what you, NGM, are doing. You make all Mac users look like idiots with your unproven claims about this imaginary OS X antivirus. This goes to all Mac fanboys: YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM HAS FAULTS. DEAL WITH IT.

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Well sorry, gosh! And yes, I know I use exclamation points a lot but it doesn't mean I'm yelling. I will admit that my comments got out of hand but you guys kept telling me off when I tried to stop. And yes I kept going, but only because I didn't like that you guys kept going after I had said that we should stop. Like someone mentioned, I did make the first opening comment, however, I didn't want to start a freaking war over this....I admit that my "superior antivirus" thing got out of hand (even though I never said superior antivirus, I said better antivirus) but you guys took it too far. So yes, I admit I was wrong, but I still like my Mac....Happy now?

ah. #35. wouldn't it have been cheaper to have bought a mac in the first place instead of buying all the crappy windows programs? and seriously macs are meant for creative people....not people who make dragons sculptures out of peanut butter in there parents basement.

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@151 What? Pretty sure I've never done that. Anyway, I use Windows because it's inexpensive, it works with what I need it to (especially when it comes to my Blackberry, RIM still hasn't released software for Mac), it's compatible with my work computers, and costs less than half of what a Mac does. I'm no fanboy. I have an iPod, and my HTPC uses MythTV, a Linux distro.

UR ALL RETARDS macs don't get viruses cuz they can't open exe files

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Wow that took a long time to read. I can't believe I read it either. I'm actually thinking of switching to a MAC. For the sole reason of .... it's shinny and big!

I have a mac, and I got this virus a couple of months ago. I was just on google images looking for pictures to put on a power point presentation for school when a pop up came up that claimed that my computer had multiple viruses and that I should download something called "Mac Protection". It didn't look reliable, so I googled it and found that it was a fake virus protection system for the Mac, and that if I didn't do anything, it would just go away. As it turns out, it stayed for about a month and would have little pop ups telling me to pay for the fake protection system and at the same time a **** site popped up periodically every fifteen minutes on the dot. I love my mac, but this was annoying as hell.

Wow, I didn't know people could get this ignorant.

There are plenty of facts as to why pc's are better than macs.

YDI you probably got the viruses from going to look at **** during work lol

Um, you do realise that you can get viruses anywhere, right?

Well, he is talking about a fake anti-spyware program "that cluttered the screen". Those are typically distributed via banner-ads - you need to be stupid enough to be fooled by them and explicitly allow the program to install. Who hosts dubious banner ads like these? Not reputable web sites, for sure - so yes, in all likelihood he was visiting **** sites. I don't think that's morally reprehensible, but it isn't really necessary to do that on a work laptop. In general: if you are using a computer as part of your job, it's your responsibility to learn the basics of computer security. If you are unable to do so on your own, then take a class. How many car mechanics do you know who can't operate a socket wrench? You need to know the tools of your trade, too.

I was hoping to comment before someone says "get a mac" but I'm too late. I'm sorry but nowadays you almost have to purposely infect your computer. Avoiding a virus is not at all difficult.

To clear this up before the comments get out of hand, Macs are not immune to viruses. UNIX based operating systems are more secure than Windows, and that includes Apple's OSX, but it also includes every distribution of Linux. However protecting a Windows machine from infection is very easy. All you have to do is install decent anti-virus software and avoid shady websites. Even though the pop-ups were pornographic, that doesn't mean that the virus was obtained from a pornographic website.

I agree. I use Fedora on my desktop, but Windows XP on my laptop because of school. There are a good deal of good antivirus and firewall software for windows that can be found FREE. So you don't have to spend more money to protect a computer running Windows. I have had my laptop for three years now. I have never gotten a virus, never had a BSOD, and have never had it crash on me. People who have those problems just have no idea wtf they're doing.

haha that sux, i got my mom one of those viruses on her work laptop once, she wasnt happy, and neither was her boss =X

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I lol'd at your misfortune. '_'

Are you excluding the single ones that randomly pop up on certain sites? That are not pornographic at all?