By NotALuckyGuy - 07/04/2015 16:19 - United States - Columbus

Today, I lost my virginity in a porta-potty. FML
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I love how you say "fml" like you had no choice in the matter


You made the choice to do it so why put it as an FML?

I don't know......There's not to much class with this one anyway

Probably not. Sounds like a girl I knew in highschool. She got drunk at a fair near our school. Banged 7 guys at random places in 4 hours. For the next 3 years everytime she walked by people yelled out, "DIRTTY HOE. KIFEEE ASS *****." So if I were you OP, highschool is cruel. I wouldn't tell a soul.

mmmxr 11

I doubt any one would make fun of him because he is a guy. He'll probably just get a bunch I high fives.

I wouldn't congradulate anyone who lost their virginity in a port-o-potty. If they banged Meghan Fox or something they miiight get a high five. But seriously OP. You guys couldn't of moved behind a car or an ally? Really had to take "doing the dirty," to the next level?

She sounds like a real keeper... Treat her right she might let you do her in a septic tank

#172, The f*ck are you saying? Anyway, congratulations OP for satisfying your sexual instinct, and I hope you find a romantic place for sex next time :)

As a guy, unless sex is the topic or the person is asked about it, nobody really cares if someone had sex. When one of my friends lost his virginity, nobody high five'd him, we immediately asked if he used protection, then we just kinda changed subject. That's the way it is for my friends and I anyways. Bragging is just kind of a douche thing to do. Nobody likes someone who just brags all the time, they're usually seen as immature. Although, OP's story just sounds very intriguing...

pauliegon 18

#210, but you're just a tree...

Am I the only one who, when they read it first thought that OP said they'd lost their virginity TO a porta potty? Man i was so confused till i read #2's comment..

It's alright. I wanted to lose my virginity to the song "Save Room" by John Legend and to a man who actually loved me, but that didn't work out for me either.

It's your fault. You chose where to do it.

AmayaR 12

Unless they were raped even thigh it shouldn't be on here or, they "lost their virginity" to sometime of stick or something.

SystemofaBlink41 27

I think we'd get that information if that were the case.

Exactly. Like im sure it was consensual and she/he had SOME say in the matter, so poor OP boohoo.

AmayaR 12

Woah I did not expect y'all to hate me so much, but I was saying OP hasn't commented yet so it's best not to assume the worst.

And rape isn't the worse? I think OP choosing such a nasty place to lose his virginity being a YDI is the benefit of the doubt.

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I don't know why this got so many down votes. A portapotty is probably one of the grossest places on earth to lose it. That said, it coulda been controlled to elsewhere.

AliGInTheHouse 24

It was downed because it is deemed immature to just say it like that. A better way of saying it is "That's disgusting".

I think "ewwww" is better than "that is disgusting." More viscera. Gets the point across.

Shes trashy. not classy. i dont know why op even posted this. lol

rylaii 26

What's funnier is 114 says she is sarcastic in her profile. Guess not

i think its that situation where people fill out shit about themselves that they WANT to be, not are

I really didnt think about my reply to 6 tbh. I just attempted to make a funny reply and i clearly just did soooooo well. lol

I clearly didnt put much thought into my response to #6. i attempted to make a funny reply and i just did sooooooo well. lol. My mistake.

Definitely one of a kind if he could get it up in a porta-potty.

Have to disagree with you, #78. Lots of people have sex in porta-potties, especially at music festivals. When I went to Stereosonic last year, there were lines of toilets rocking from people who were *******. Quite disgusting, I made sure to not use the toilets there.

I had sex in a porta potty on a crowded beach once. It's really difficult manoeuvring to pull it off.

I have to say #107 is right. There is a musical festival that happens yearly in my area hosted by a music station. Every year they make fun of all the people they can't believe do it in the porta-potties.

Classy buddy. Real classy.Thats on you.

Michael Clifford lost his virginity in a disabled public toilet :)