By M to the line - 11/01/2009 03:57 - France

Today, I lied and said I was late for work because my car's tire was flat. Two hours later, some of my friends came in and said something along the lines that "We should do brunch every saturday, (like this morning) it was awesome!" in front of my manager. FML
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CammyGal 26

"Today, I lied..." YDI.

lol what dumbasses hope u got em back


lol what dumbasses hope u got em back

why are you working at a place where you have to work saturdays?

ravens42 8

Dumbass. For money or they work less on weekdays

ohhhhshizzz 0


TheSickness 0

Uh. Agreed with number 2 and 3.

hah smooth.

You're tire still could have gotten flat...?

jakeidk 0

brunch is duh bomb screw your manager (not literally) and get a weekday job and have brunch on Saturdays

YDI so badly words cant describe it...geez, if you are gonna skip work for brunch at least hang out with friends that will keep their mouths shut!

tb15 0

YDI lazy dude