By lookwhereyasittin - 24/01/2016 17:47 - Netherlands - Den Haag

Today, it was the first day in my life that I fell into a toilet because someone left the toilet seat up. I'm a guy. FML
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And I'm sure you'll never forget to put the seat down again now.


And I'm sure you'll never forget to put the seat down again now.

joeyl2008 29

I truly don't understand how people manage to do this. You should always check the status of the toilet. You look to make sure the seat is where you need it, make sure the seat is clean, and make sure the toilet has been flushed after its last use. All of which takes about a second and can be done as you approach the toilet.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#49, I have fallen into the toilet many times, and I'll tell you how. It's late at night, you're tired as hell, you waddle into the bathroom with your eyes half closed, hardly manage to pull your pants down because your muscles don't feel like doin their job cause they are ready to sleep, and you sit down without looking at the toilet and bam! Your butt is in the water because the seat was up. It's very easy to do.

Badkarma4u 17

Nope, I will alwys look where I'm about to put my junk.

#51, your butt and your junk are two very different things.

#26, in my home the toilet seat and lid both stay down at all times except while the facilities are in use. Expecting someone else to put down the toilet seat when you raised it is a ridiculous concept.

katachristic 19

Being tired is a terrible excuse for not even attempting to check your surroundings. Everyone screws up, but you've no one to blame but yourself. And why is it unreasonable for a woman to have to put the seat down because a man put it up ? You clearly expect a man to put the seat up after the woman puts it down (and then put it down again). It's not like guys do it on purpose. It just isn't important so we don't remember. I know loads of women who have absolutely no problem with basic awareness.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Why do men have to take such a stance against putting the toilet seat down? Woman ask one simple request because you are not the only person using that bathroom and men get all defensive. "Well why can't you put it down?" That's like getting out a gallon of milk from the fridge, pouring yourself a glass, and leaving the gallon on the counter. Yes, someone else can come along and put it away, but you got it out for yourself, so why should someone else put it away for you?

73, let's put it this way: A man and a woman live in the same house. They each go to the bathroom two separate times, one being to urinate and the other to defecate. Three out of the four trips require the seat to be down. So why is it the woman's responsibility to have to put the seat back down because of 1/4 of the activity? It isn't. The person using the toilet is responsible for returning the toilet to its original state (INCLUDING wiping away excess urine from the top and around the sides of the bowl where you missed your target). That's like digging a hole in the ground on a path people use and then when someone trips in it telling them, "Well, you should have filled in that hole before walking on it!"

The way I rationalized it to my husband was: We both use it with the seat down. You occasionally put the seat up when you only have to urinate. So because it's used more often in the down position, you should make sure it's down after those few occasions when you put it up.

katachristic 19

@75 and 78: you guys really missed the part where I said that guys don't do it on purpose. If I remember, I don't mind putting the lid down if someone wants me to. But I don't think it's appropriate for someone to bitch at me for forgetting to put the seat down when they forgot to check.

katachristic 19

@82: since you took it there...that would make sense, except most people urinate WAY more often than they defecate. About two to six times as often.

Why should he have to put it down why shouldn't women have to put it up

Don't worry you'll be fine as long as you don't tell anyone you know that you fell into a toilet.

#2 No, OP should tell everyone he knows. Not only is it funny but it spreads awareness on how annoying it is when the toilet seat is left up.

#7, putting it down when you go to sit down isn't rocket science

#12 Putting it down after you lift it up to pee isnt rocket science either.

great now that we made it clear that it's not rocket science, both sides shouldn't complain about it and just do it themselves by either putting it back down after using it or before using it. same outcome.

my opinion has always been this: putting the seat up and down is strictly part of male hygiene. just like cleaning up the toilet during a menstrual cycle is strictly pare of female hygeine. if men wants us to keep up with our hygienic after toiletry rituals, then put your damn seat down. and putting the seat down is a helluva lot less work than what women have to do.

#12 I don't disagree but it's courteous to put it back down when you are done.

wordygirl 11

That's unfortunate, but now you know how it feels! Wet and nasty!

Now all you have to do is pass on the story to other men

But why can't girls put a seat down? It's really not that hard. Gravity will do most of the work anyways. Do girls not check and just assume the seats down just because? I don't get that. I would and do always check no matter what.

31, because guys are the one to put the seat up so you should be the one to put it down and since both genders can use it in the down position then it needs to stay that way.

#31 (and others) - As people age, women tend to have minor incontinence issues more than men. Having the seat down can prevent having a small accident, which is no fun for anyone.

Although I've sat down on a few toilets that had the lid(s) up, I have not experienced falling in. I'm beginning to wonder... Are all the toilets that people fall into huge or something? Either way, FYL, OP.

mwali02 32

I was wondering if OP was very skinny. Either way, lousy start to the day. Let awareness of the safety hazard spread! :)

what does it has to do with you being a guy?

It became a common stereotype for women to complain about men leaving the toilet seat up So OP's post reflects a "the tables have turned" moment

Usually guys are the ones that leave the seat up... he's never understood how annoying it is to fall in because if he moves it and he needs to use it, he moves it back.

I have stopped counting how many times this has happened to me but I'm a girl.

Geckosrock99 33

If that happened to you so many times you stopped counting, its your own fault for not looking.

15, if you're in a bit of a rush, and it's a loo you're used to, you're quite likely to just back onto it assuming it'll be fine

joeyl2008 29

@19 how far away do you start backing up? You should be able to notice that status of the toilet seat before you turn around.

omg good lesson for yourself. This should happen to guys more often.

I wouldn't wish upon people to dunk their doughnut. It's not fun for anyone.

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Badkarma4u 17

No, people should look where they are about to dangle their junk. I always look at the seat status flush status, and water level. Nothing like having a toilet with a high water level and your junk touches the water.

Do you people not put the seat down if you walk in and see a raised seat? I am genuinely curious.

Don't worry, most guys have done that in their life. Now you've learned to look before you sit.