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  apfunction  |  0

FAKE!!! seriously, is there anyone stupid enough to believe this?!? "hmm, I'm late an the keys are locked in the car, I guess I'll smash the window". bullshit. unless OP is wipin his ass with 20s, he wouldn't intentionally try to cause that much damage to his own car, because the fucking keys were locked inside.

  iEnvade  |  2

68 - Windows are pretty thick. If you seriously think a rock will go through a car window, how do you drive(or ride in) a car and feel secure about your safety?

  Dmars444  |  4

locking your keys in your car isn't legit enough anyways? besides did you lock them in the day before or something? fail to see how you can lock them in getting in

By  CallMeHush  |  0

Try adding a little more meat to your diet. Maybe a little more excercise,

35 bucks for AAA membership is a hell of a lot cheaper than glass replacment. So is calling a tow truck.