By Ouch - / Friday 22 May 2009 15:16 / United States
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By  Kamazar  |  0

I know it'd hurt, but I doubt slamming your hands in a door would be worth a scream. My mom slammed my fingers in when I was 6, wasn't enough to make me cry. But come on, the first habit you develop when driving is taking the damn keys of out the damn ignition.

By  RJB  |  0

Wait you don;'t have two sets of keys..most cars have 2 sets.
"hey i left my keys in my cars"
"Can you stop by my house/dorm and brab my keys"
" Yah sure"
And besides that fact you are posting this means you got them.

By  MrPoly  |  0

My mom once locked the keys in the car once. AND LEFT THE CAR ON. Only difference is she didn't hit her hand.

But either way, we had to wait about half an hour for my dad to come all the way from work to unlock the car. Blah.

Well, anyway, that really sucks. I hope you had copies of the key!