By oh ffs - 25/01/2013 01:13 - United States

Today, I met with my Bolivian friend, who's vacationing here for a few weeks. Eager to show him how welcoming we are in the USA, I took him home and introduced him to my parents. The first words out of my dad's mouth were, "Bolivia? That's in Europe, right? We saved your asses in World War 2." FML
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omfg_creepers 8

and then he replied. " We got you covered in WWIII."


omfg_creepers 8

and then he replied. " We got you covered in WWIII."

tebonz 4

I had to read op's dad in red formans voice lmao! Sorry to nor actually reply to comment btw

I lol'ed at "how welcoming we are in the U.S.A"

As a russian the whole of,this post makes me cringe

justspin 7

At least it is just a friend. And next time you might just wanna take them out with your friends.

I see the problem. He really should have said World War II instead of WW2.

Your dads kidding right? I mean we all know that Bolivia is in Africa! Duh!

Either you fail at geography as well, or you're trying to be funny. Because Bolivia is in South America...

TheManager 6

Either you don't understand blatant sarcasm or..... Well that's pretty much it.

Steve95401 49

#5 - you're absolutely right. Bolivia is in the northern part of Africa, right next to Belgium.

23- Yeah, I think the USSR is like right next to Zaire and Yugoslavia.

You go straight up in Narnia and you're there.

What are all you guys talking about? I thought Bolivia was the 53rd state in the US... I don't know what to believe anymore...

26-No. You want OP to get caught by the wicked witch of the east!? You go up Narnia THEN you take a sharp turn crossing Panem. Remember the sharp turn. If you pass Far Far Away then you've gone too far. Oh and beware of the Sand People! Good luck!

Reading this comment thread has me so confused... >.< I think I need a map

They sell really good maps in India, that country west of Bolivia.

jogihoppa8343 23

thank God u didn't say china.

Iniezian 18

You guys have it all mixed up. Bolivia is in Antarctica, bordering Rhodesia and Japan.

What are you guys talking about, Bolivia is a small island that is part of Neverland. The land next to far far away is Mexico, who is next to Arabia. Do you people even take geography?

And don't forget about its friendly neighbour tibequador

Your all wrong Bolivia is that huge country above china right next to Mexico and .... Fuck it its not in Murica so I don't care!

90-Its the 53rd state, so it is in Murica.

Second star on the right, straight until morning?

ElementaryEdGuy 18

It's right near the Australian/Ethiopian border. Gosh Karen, you're so stupid.

TheManager 6

Nah Bolivia is the capital of Germany. Nazi bastards.

At least your friend wasn't japanese. I wonder what your dad would've said then.

beddington 7

"We bombed your asses in WW2." Pretty cut and dry if you ask me.

I think the friend would have screamed "Banzai!!!" And would go all kamikaze on the dad. That's how I picture it going.

As a Japanese, I would probably just stare at him for being unberievably lude...

RpiesSPIES 27

At least he didn't add 'you d*** commies.'

that would have been extra wrong too, because the only place communism was a problem in europe would be the european part of russia, facism was the real problem europe, and I hate when people don't know the difference. thankfully It hasnt been too common of a mistake with people I know

#44 - yeah, Ceausescu wasn't a problem for Romanians or anything. NBD.

dmoran20 27

Could of been worse, least your dad didn't say welcome to America while slowly pronouncing each word and making wild hand gestures!

AnyaS 19

You did the same mistake for the push up bra FML. It's "could have" not "could of".

dmoran20 27

Lol, naaaa I'm from the southern states, it could have been worse ;-)

hotPinklipstick 24

Being from the south isn't an excuse to use improper grammar, it makes the rest of us literate people look bad.

*Currently searching the push-up bra FML for 12's mistake*

dmoran20 27

Lol, at least I'm popular :-)

hotPinklipstick 24

Being popular and being infamous are two completely different things.

dmoran20 27

I learned long ago never to argue with a woman from Texas.

CharresBarkrey 15

*gasp* FINALLY! Someone who doesn't freak out when their grammar is corrected

#31 - You have two independent clauses; they can't be connected with a comma. I'm sure you don't want to make "the rest of us literate people look bad," so the correction to your post would be: Your being from the south isn't an excuse to use improper grammar; it makes the rest of us literate people look bad.

AnyaS 19

#89 - If you want to correct someone's grammar you should be sure your own post has correct grammar. You need a complete sentence before using a colon.

Geography lessons for dad sound good about now

Ithildyn 5

Etiquette lessons, while we're at it.