By awkwardturtle - Canada - London
Today, I went to buy a birthday present for my boyfriend. While buying him a sweater, the cashier tried to up-sale me by asking if my boyfriend wore briefs or boxers, because both were on sale. Not thinking, I blurted out, "I don't know, they just come off." FML
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  ByronJess  |  17

Well I am assuming that as soon as the cashier asked the question OP's mind went right to all the fun her and her boyfriend have had in the bedroom, therefore a mini panic attack and the answer she have blurting out of her mouth. I thought the FML did a pretty good job of explaining that.

By  LovesSushi  |  25

Once at Subway my friend asked.for a sex-inch sandwich. It was hilarious, just like your story. That cashier is going to have fun telling that story over and over.