By awkwardturtle - 25/01/2013 05:31 - Canada - London

Today, I went to buy a birthday present for my boyfriend. While buying him a sweater, the cashier tried to up-sale me by asking if my boyfriend wore briefs or boxers, because both were on sale. Not thinking, I blurted out, "I don't know, they just come off." FML
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oj101 33

Uh oh, a Freudian slip. It only happens to the best of us. Don't worry OP :)


oj101 33

Uh oh, a Freudian slip. It only happens to the best of us. Don't worry OP :)

perdix 29

If he wore a Freudian slip, he'd be a transvestite!

I think the OP's answer was pretty smart, and funny too. Just laugh it off, no big deal.

klovemachine 24

I know you said that by accident, OP, but that is hilarious :D

Followed up with a wink, you could make it VERY awkward for the cashier, but sound very good for you. ;)

No need to sweat, she was just having a brief conversation with you! Think before you speak, OP!

At least OP didn't go into anymore detail, better to keep it brief!

6- Yeah if she hadn't she would've blown it for them. But then again, the cashier was probably trying to condom out of money for their shitty skivvies.

I'm curious as to what thought process COULD have been behind the answer.

ByronJess 17

Well I am assuming that as soon as the cashier asked the question OP's mind went right to all the fun her and her boyfriend have had in the bedroom, therefore a mini panic attack and the answer she have blurting out of her mouth. I thought the FML did a pretty good job of explaining that.

You guys must not have been together long. How could you not know?

ByronJess 17

OP probably did know, she just got a little tongue tied. It happens to the best of us. I'm even willing to bet that it has happened to you!

Once at Subway my friend asked.for a sex-inch sandwich. It was hilarious, just like your story. That cashier is going to have fun telling that story over and over.

To which the cashier blurted out, so that'll be two footlongs and a salad?

No briefs... Cuz they're only on for a 'brief' moment!

Yeah that's not bad in my book, that is hilarious

Funny how guys can't get their underwear off fast enough while some girls take months to take off their panties.

Werken247 14

Guys wait for their girls to get their panties off? I usually just rip them off...