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the warthog is just marking his next mate.

Eye-candy. ._.


the warthog is just marking his next mate.

The new "Beastiality Porn" exhibit at the zoo is coming into fruition?

since when do we need an exhibit?

You should of know that if the kid has no problem throwing things at a warthog he probably doesn't care what you think either. By the way what's a warthog?

So that you can legally show that stuff off in public without looking at a computer screen. Well, you do need to fend off those angry protesters in the distance... cholrinegreen: a warthog is a wild pig.

*chlorinegreen Oh fuck me, I misspelled your name...

You all are fucking sick and disgusting. I like it...

24- happens to the best of us 47- okay total dumb moment I really read that wrong. I was reading it like warth-og. Teaches me to read at like 4 in the morning. I feel really stupid now...

22- it's a vehicle in halo

A pig with tusks found in the wild

50- are you in a tanning bed?

Warthog. Such a funny word.

Hey, a free lollipop!

I personally would be more exited about the Warthog piss.

^^ I'm going to have nightmares about what you just said there. :( Realized what you have just done...

18, I don't think Caboose was trying to make a sexual reference... She was hit by a REAL lollipop, therefore free lollipop. No need to have a nightmare over that...

Yeah, but it really hurt

Should have gone the slower way. :/

Most people don't like to go your way

but if she did the kid could of been gone and throwing candy at some other exhibit

Lollipop and warthog piss?? Just be thankful you didn't run straight into an elephants arse.

In the warthog exhibit?

What flavor was the lollipop?

I've gotten hit in the eye by a lollipop before... hurt like fuck >_< Should have gone the other way OP...

Eye-candy. ._.

Badum tsssh.

noone messes with pumbaa's candy time >:l

*When I was a young warthog!!!!!*

Next time, don't take short cuts.

But...but..but how am I supposed to beat mario at Mario Kart 7???