By virginmary - United States
  Today, my mom told me that I am going to end up getting myself pregnant. I am 21 and a virgin. She continued to yell at me and call me a liar all night. I don't know which is worse, being a 21 year old virgin or my mother accusing me of lying about it. FML
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  kindness  |  0

yeah, it sucks that your mum thinks you're lying, but you're stupid for being ashamed of it. there's nothing wrong with being a virgin. have some self respect.

  The_Pleb  |  0

To all the virgin girls go make me a sammich

And then if your hot enough youll be lucky enough for me to give you your first "and best" point in bed.

WARNING this may cause you to never enjoy sex again


  jcrook  |  0

I don't think the OP is lacking in self respect, it's understandable that she might get the impression that there might be something wrong with being a 21 year old virgin if we live in a world where her own mother finds the very idea of her being 21 year virgin inconceivable.

  Unregistered  |  0

okay im pretty sure her own mother wouldnt just yell out randomly that she will get pregnant the OP must have a record of some sort of behaviour that led her mother to make such a wild assumption. She probably a) hangs out with sketchy friends b) dresses like a whore and c) has been caught drinking/getting high (before she was 21)

By  myfriend_youfail  |  3

OH MY GOD, woe is you! You've only lived two decades and you're such a dried up old hag! [/sarcasm]
I didn't lose my virginity until I was almost 20, and most girls in my pathetic little town were "well experienced" by age 17. Get over it. Being a virgin isn't anything to be ashamed of. If you haven't found the right partner, there's no reason you should go around having sex when you're not ready.

FYL because you have really fucked-up priorities in life. Worry about your education or job, ways to get by in life so you can be successful later on. Unless your dream job involves prostitution, you shouldn't be so preoccupied with when your ankles finally go up and around your neck.

By  ShaydeStar  |  0

I lost my virginity when I was about 17...but for a guy thats expected. Something I read online went..."A key that opens a lot of locks is a master key, a lock that opens to a lot of keys is a shitty lock."

I guess that makes you a Master Lock. Kudo's Op...You'll be a good wifey someday.

  Reyo  |  2

but girls aren't supposed to be having sex...and saying "we get all of the sluts" is still breaking the rule. Oh wait, you're talking about GUY sluts. Nevermind, I get you...homosexual.

  jiequals3  |  0

You guys are assuming that all guys are taken at all times. One slutty girl can easily take many guys virginity. She'll just get around alot.

Let's say that Bob, Joey, Steve, and Susan all go to the same school. Bob and Susan go out for a month and decide to have sex. It is the first time for both of them. They brake up and Susan goes out with Joey next. She has already lost her virginity and is more eager this time. They go out for two weeks and have sex. They brake up and Susan goes out with Steve next. They go out for a week and Susan has sex with Steve. then they brake up.

The point to my little story? Susan is horrible in bed.

Also, girls who have done it before are more eager for sex, and guys will generally not turn them down, whereas, girls will decline their boys and the guys will still stick with them... for a while atleast.

  monbon6788  |  0

but that still makes susan a crappy lock, doesn't it?

i'm just sayin, if everyone followed this rule, the homo to hetero ratio would be much higher than it is, and humanity would slowly die out. and the world would be left to the monkeys. who wants that?

By  FindOut  |  0

Totally agree. I'm 22 and a virgin as well. I have loads of friends and have a great social life, I just don't see the point in having sex with just anyone so I can tell others I've done it. I'd rather be a virgin than do it with people I don't have feelings for. Good for you, and just ignore your mom.

By  pinkkloverr  |  0

there's NOTHING wrong with being a virgin in your 20s.
(i'm almost 21 and still a virgin.)

your mom is just crazy. you know what the truth is... even if she thinks you're lying about it.