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Today, I found out that I was denied for work study eligibility by my college. I went to my financial advisor to ask why. It wasn't my grades or attendance. Apparently my father makes too much money for me to get a job at the school. My dad was fired 3 months ago and has been out of work since. FML
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Schools take information for the year before.

Isn't there something legally you can do about that?


Isn't there something legally you can do about that?

I went through the same thing, so I went to the financial aid office and filled out a special circumstances form. They then send it to FAFSA, get you more aid, and let you do work study. It's a pain and it doesn't always get you exactly what you need to cover the whole thing, but it helped.

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i had to do a special circumstance form as well, after i was initially denied one at my financial aid office. it takes a lot of work and a lot of phones calls, but its worth it. also you can get a lot of jobs without having work study...i barely know anyone who has work study. you'll just get a crappy job but you gotta do what you gotta do...

I've had to report special circumstances too. A short letter and a shorter form was all that was required from me in the end.

Exact same happened, I have my own child so in the eyes of my goverment I am a seperate family, though I love with my parents ATM. But, when I applied to college the only way I could go was with a grant. Because my dad drives a taxi, and the department if education is the only one that sees me as part of my parents family still, they refused as he can not prove his income. Though my parents pay for nothing for me. It's completely ****** up.

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Oh, man. I'm afraid this is going to happen to me.

so either your dad is working in secret or the school has the wrong information. your choice

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Your dad must be a hardcore Drug dealer

Schools take information for the year before.

Sorry, but I just don't even feel bad. Welcome to the the life of many Americans for the past 3 years. My dad was out of work for 2 years during college, but because of his pension, we still make too much for work-study. Plus, the past 3 months do not factor into your FAFSA. I say FYL because you have NO IDEA how bad other people have it and you clearly have no idea how the financial aid cycles work. Go get an off-campus job like the rest of us had to, and quit bitching.

so what. tell them that infact he is unemployed, show them his paperwork and problem solved. jeezuz