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  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

Clean it off and keep it in, you'll look so bad-ass :D or just stop by the nearest doctor and you'll be out of there fixed up in less than 5 minutes :) I accidentally hooked my daddy once...

  juicedboi  |  7

The thought of that alone made me cringe. Eyebrow piercing arnt bad OP, might aswell get some "bling" in there. Mine ripped out and left a scar, so careful when taking motorbike helmets off. Top tip.


Fucking ouch. I've never had anything besides my ear pierced, but I know from getting my eyebrows threaded, that skin is wicked sensitive. It also makes your eyes water like a bitch regardless of whether it's painful or not. Couldn't imagine getting my eyebrow professionally pierced, much less by a fishhook.

By  iAmScrubs  |  19

Keep the fishing rod connected to it for the final touch. It could be served for so many purposes: A tightrope, a dog leash, dental floss, or a jumping rope.