By AlmightyVoice - United States - Rochester
Today, I attempted to bleach the little hairs above my lip. I had it on for about 15 seconds. Turns out that the horrible stinging that I had felt meant that it was not just working, but also eating through my skin at the same time. FML
AlmightyVoice tells us more :
Hi OP here! No this was not my first experience with bleaching my upper lip. I have done it many times before but with a different product. I had my friend do it also with me and hers did not end up like mine. Every time I had done it before it had stung so I figured that it was just doing its job but I guess my skin was just very sensitive to the brand I had. Good news is that everything is good now and I will just go back to using the kind I had before. Also the only reason I decided on not shaving or anything else was because I do not want the hair growing in darker or thicker:)
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  PrincessShiraz  |  11

actually that's the worst thing you can do for facial hair. It's different from body hair. Pulling it out stimulates the dermal papillae to produce thicker, stronger hair. Waxing is worst of all because you pull out the vellus hair (the fine fuzz) and stimulate those follicles to start producing thick hair.

  mezochan  |  29

Actually, following the string of corrections, neither of those are true! Shaving/plucking hair does not stimulate hair growth at all! Plucking hair actually eventually damages the follicle enough to make hair stop growing (but you have to do it consistently for years). The only damage shaving does is micro abrasions on the skin. Also major abrasions.
Either way, neither option actually stimulates hair growth or else we would all be hairy mammoths.

By  xxDeeStar  |  27

Oh no, hope you got the proper skin treatment after this incident.

On a side note, I've always been against bleaching. Apparently it shows more in the sun?

Don't touch that patch of skin for awhile! :/