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By Anonymous - 16/12/2010 20:59 - United States

Today, a thumb tack came out of one of my posters on my wall. The sole of my foot had the pleasure of finding it. FML
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At least you found it! It could have been worse...I could have stepped on it instead.


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haha at least it wasn't a rusty nail.

I love how u manage to write it in an interesting way and not exclamation point abt it all over the place it even tho it's so excruciatingly painful in reality!

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You deserve it for having posters on the wall. Just kidding.

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It depends on the type of poster OP has. If it's JB, then you ******* deserve it, if it's not then it's okay by me. I approve this comment.

wait Jonas brothers or justin beiber? I would assume both since they both suck cocks.

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Your foot must work for the FBI.

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it hardly even hurts. wash your foot and get over it

in response to 11coolio11, wtf?? Who said a damn thing about them having a Zune? Pay attention to the real world and actually READ the post, dumbass.

Safety first, wear shoes in the house. Safety first, then teamwork.

same here. except it was my heel. even worse :/

Same thing happens to me with my little brother's Legos.

Your little brother's legos fell out of his poster? Woahhhh.

No silly... I step on them accidentally and end up hurting myself. :P

Troll, I strongly approve of your picture. It is beyond amazing.

I'd say lego pieces are worse than tacks. those damn things are soo pointy and sharp on the edges. I swear my knee's buckle every time i would step on one of those

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I iz be a troll your picture it's words that I can't corelate to make a sensible thought

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Holy... you're almost as hot as my girlfriend! I'll settle for you as a cheater thought... how about a nice *******? :D

At least you found it! It could have been worse...I could have stepped on it instead.

I love how your picture matches your comment xD

is that supposed to mean it makes no sense? ^

Lol his comment made sense and it was funny.

ya or me and your mom finding it on her back:)

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yo mama so fat, she makes snorlax jealous

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ur mama is so fat she has hard time moving (^not funny^) but it's true. it would have been a shame his he had stepped on it. ;P

Thank goodness you found it. Your foot did well, did you congratulate it?

maybe take it out to dinner? then take it back to your place and do stuff... stuff you only hear about on google? wait, what is this about again?

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Holy crap you're beautiful!:3

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yay it's not lost! that was a close one.