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  PurpleLlamas  |  0

48-my friends fiance set my friends kitchen on fire because he was cooking her a romantic dinner but the grease caught fire and he tried to put it out with water but it like exploded (not literally) and the cabinets were all black lol :) but they are still together today lol :P

  AlbaLiz  |  0

Oh goodness.
you should have thrown flour on it haha:) it cools down the oil and doesn't have it splatter everywhere:) I learned that trick in my food and fitness class.
:p haha.

  TheOptimist  |  0

This reminds me of the time I was heating up my hot chocolate in the microwave, and my hot chocolate just blew up. It was so depressing, I had used up the last of the powder to make that mug, so I couldn't go and make any more. =(

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4

1) there is a MAJOR difference between the effect that some residual water has in a pan with hot oil, and putting an ICE CUBE in over heated oil. Imagine you lil pop and sizzles Ten times more extreme. Something, say, you can't jus step back from.
2) how the eff do yo think grease fires start?!? Someone puts water in oil, or something that makes it splatter badly, it touches open flame, and then spreads or jumps and reacts with more oil amd bam, you have a fire.

So, 241, you seem to be the misguided one, not ppl telling the op she's an idiot. If my kid did that? She'd lose stove privileges for a time. That was one of the FIRST things I learned when cooking. Never mix hot oil amd water.

  LouisianaBob  |  9

It seems that most of the people calling OP an idiot or saying that water and oil do not mix fall into 4 categories
1) they cooked with mom and dad as a child and were told this
2) they played with fire as a child and were given a lecture
3) they watch mythbusters
4) they've done it before
Now if you want to see a real explosion you should have made thermite instead and watched that fall on ice.

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4

@ 301. No. It means you may not reproduce the art, in print OR digitally, without the permission of, and/or reference to, the owner/creator. Using someones picture as your own does infringe Copyright laws.

  Lythiaren  |  8

Actually, 306, I knew this from logical deduction.

First, even a small amount of water added to hot oil causes oil to pop and splatter.
Second, suddenly exposing an ice cube to high heat causes it to explode, crack, and splatter in a much more violent fashion. I learned this in 8th grade science class. Dry ice vs. ice cube on a hot plate. The ice cube explodes.

Combine the two together and you have something worse than just one or the other. And look at that, I didn't have to do something this stupid to find out.

And what kind of retard tries to cool down a pan with ice cubes?

  xPedobear  |  0

don't you watch mythbusters? 8 oz of water can make a 20 ft fire ball when poured on a grease fire.... it goes to say without the fire it'll just explode everywhere

  Vintage_Cola  |  29

Water and oil do not mix ever, but perhaps OP though the ice cube might transfer its cold to the oil. Then again, the sudden shock between the two temperatures would cause an explosion.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

#17, you know what they say about being able to laugh at yourself! Actually, I'm not sure what they say about that, but it's good.
I hate to admit it, but I only learned not to put water on a grease fire like 3 years ago. Luckily, I learned it before I started cooking.