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Today, I learned that just because the actual part of the pan that does touch the stove isn't hot doesn't mean that the handle won't give you third degree burns, a broken nose from passing out from the pain, and an expensive trip to the emergency room. FML
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bieberfied 4

Looks like that pan was too hot to handle!

Sounds like your cooking didn't exactly pan out.


bieberfied 4

Looks like that pan was too hot to handle!

Yeah op shouldn't have touched the handle without a mitt. Everyone Nose that!

bieberfied 4
bieberfied 4

Oh wow, it seemed like I was commenting on my own comment, I wasn't. -_-

I have a feeling the thumbs downs to your comments are because of your name.

I never use mitts when holding a pan by the handle, pans that you put on the stove should have handles that don't conduct heat well.. all of mine do

More like when someone points out the obvious fml(ers) like to thumb people down. But good try ;)

SeedlessMe 13

Wow, good call, 59! I was about to give her a thumbs up till you made me notice her name ;)

Cast iron pans don't have plastic handles.

If you read her about me, it says her cousin set her username and she couldn't change it. Shit, you guys are judgemental.

It's not really anything to do with judgement. Or her. Who cares. They don't like Justin bieber.

If you mean the handle, then it is of course going to be hot. Shoulda used an oven mitt

mbusey 20

Actually, the handle shouldn't be hot because it's not over the flame...

griffins33 4

No she grabbed the other handle that's always cool!

I thought it depends.. because my mom has some pans were the handle is just metal and it gets hot and she has other ones with like rubber handles that dont.

Dumb ass take high school science again! Melt conducts heat! So if one part is on a open heat source then the heat will travel trough it!

In physics, thermal conductivity, k (also denoted as λ or κ), is the property of a material's ability to conduct heat. It appears primarily in Fourier's Law for heat conduction.

29-if you have all metal pots and pans or cast iron pans no matter what the handle will heat up. Stick a metal spoon in a pot, leave it and grab it. Hot. Very hot.

#118 thanks and tell me have u tried typing on a cell phone keypad it sucks so u can f u ok.

I'm typing on my iPhone's keyboard. I do for every one of my comments. My spelling isn't bad, and neither is my grammar.

dog1999 2

Now that's a trifecta. Sorry op

lukep135 6

I have no idea why this comment is thumbed down. Must be some tough critics

^ Because most people don't know what a trifecta is.

Sounds like your cooking didn't exactly pan out.

Doc, I know this isn't relevant to your comment but I'm new to FML and I noticed on you page your posted an FML and it was confirmed can you tell me what it is?

Lexi - Do a search by username. You'll find it.

I still can't seen to find it Doc. Whatever that's fine.

Is this ER material Doc? Reference to recent Blog post... :P


Can I also get a PM with the link?

That's why you make the woman cook instead

HAHA! Misogyny is so funny! Oh wait, no it's not. **** you.

Bonzer 2

Who said OP is male? The FML doesn't specify.

bieberfied 4

You should know better than to comment that way, especially when DocBastard is on the thread. :)

Bonzer 2

Also, I just learned a new word. Misogyny... interesting. Thanks Doc.

MichellinMan 20

Man, this website went from a place where people laugh, to group therapy, and now everybody wants to kill people... Geez.

Thats why no one likes sexist pigs like you

It has started to seem like group therapy now doesn't it ? But still funny :)

theslimshadylp 6

That's why you should learn to cook it sounds like your gonna be single forever.

lukep135 6

So jokes are only ok whenever you find them funny and aren't offended?

Hahahahaha when reading this FML I thought of Harry from Dumb and Dumber(er?) (don't remember which one) where he breaks the girls side mirror and sets himself on fire.

keven501 12

*have have ******* HAVE not OF! *rageragerage* Sorry guys, just had to let that one out. Even intelligent people do this, and I've read books with this mistake repeatedly made. Makes me rage.

50- Wow, I never heard that one before! Did you come up with that all by yourself? So original!

luvdolphin 9

Would have given it a thumbs up but the swearing didn't exactly help

84- you're worried about 'curse words'? You may want to never read comments again, I warn you now since you are new.

That's almost as bad as when people say "mine as well"... It's MIGHT dammit! And in this case, HAVE.

I've seen people say "might as well" as "mines well"

curlyfry33 8

Like when people say "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less", that's by far my biggest pet peeve.

Anyone else confused by this post ? Sounds to me that the handle was hot but not the rest of the pan. How that's possible escapes me. Anyway, can't believe you passed out from it. Pussy.

9- You are not alone. It seems as if this FML defies the laws of thermodynamics.

MichellinMan 20

I'm not sure if you know what a third degree burn is like. ******' hurts.

griffins33 4

Ok so they grabbed the handle which was hot since the handle is attached to the pot it heats up too. Third degree burns means that I burner all of the skin off all the way to the bone so it's one of the most painful things ever.

Maybe OP turned on the wrong element? Makes sense to me..

I understand 3rd degree burns. But really, how f'n long was this thing on and how long did op hold onto it to do that. I'm going with YDI

Also, OP claims that the part of the pan touching the stove wasn't hot, which is the mind bending part. That also begs the question; why the **** did OP touch the part of the pan touching the stove?!

MichellinMan 20

47- seriously its not hard to understand if your brain is bigger than the tip of my pinkie.

Supportcommand: With an ignorant statement like that, you've very obviously never had third-degree burns. Actually, scratch that; you're just ignorant. I've never had more than a first-degree burn, and even I understand that they can be as instantaneous as being struck by lightning. Passing out doesn't make him a pussy. People have different ways with coping with pain. Not everyone is a 'Macho dude' with muscles as thick as your skull. With your logic, you must still believe in the 5 second rule with food.

To answer the question of how only the handle was hot could have been using a gas stove and the handle was near the burner he was using and speaking from experience he is a puss for blacking out I've dropped molten slag through my foot and not bitched as much as this guy

Yep, seriously let go of the handle if it's too hot! This moron decided to try out for the world record of stupidity.

Thank you 71. It seems as though maninthemachine might be as much of a puss as op. and I'd like to thank machine for complimenting the structural integrity of my skull. It is very strong. And finally, I operate more on the 2 to 3 second rule, with several conditions I won't get into here.

TittySprinkles: You say it like he had control over whether or not he passed out. OP: *touches handle* Oh shi-- *almost blacks out* Nah, I got this. Yeah, doesn't work that way dumbass. Again, people handle pain differently. You didn't pass out? Great, here's a gold ******* star, but that's worth about as much as what came out of my ass this morning.

Supportcommand: If in your ignorant mind, reacting involuntarily and passing out is 'being a pussy', then you're right. You even admit you've never had a third degree burn. Imagine the putrid stench of your own skin burning, watching the palm of your hand bubbling from the heat and the searing pain associated with the two. If that doesn't, at the very least, make you light-headed, then you're ******* brain-dead. But please, go on with this façade of being a tough guy. You seem to have convinced yourself it's true.

MichellinMan 20

You can pass out from many things. I used to babysit, and I had some ****** up kids. One of them Hit me in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. Yea, I passed out. But that doesn't mean I'm a pussy. Some people pass out easier than others. I'd rather be puched in the face By Mike Tyson than have a third degree burn. And to whoever said molten slag was poured on your foot, you're full of shit.

Ouch wear a mitten at all time from now on so u can keep that medical bill down

You mean oven mitt. Mittens are things used to keep warm. Oven mitts are used to keep from getting warm when holding pots, pans, etc.

jmayes414 5

Mitten and oven mitt aren't the same.

jenniiienyc 5

We're you by any chance going to fry.. BACON?! Mmm:)

Yes OP. Answer. We are you? Or is it really you are we?