By bloodyLIP - 14/05/2011 19:06 - United States

Today, I learned the hard way that an ice cube is capable of ripping the skin off your bottom lip. FML
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PrincessesCrown 17

Put some ice on it. Wait! Maybe not.


PrincessesCrown 17

Put some ice on it. Wait! Maybe not.

KatrinaKitten 16
Kylias 6

I wonder, why was there ice on your lip in the first place?

You gotta watch out for Ice Cube, he's a gangster.

i read "Bottom Hip" I was like Wtf how is that possible! 

saaaalt 4

I mean you could of poured warm water on it to melt the ice .... but, that's just a thought ;)

Angi95 3

Okay your not suppose to touch dry ice just saying. jk I've had ice get stuck to my lip but never pull off the skin.

UnderTheMoon 0

Have you NOT seen A Christmas Story? Tongue or moist surface + cold object= Duh, stuck. Same thing.

fuff_fml 4

thats happened to me:( its hurts bad lol but it happened to my tounge

it just tickles me. there's a switch in every humans back with two settings: hurt and tickle. mines in tickle:)

WompWompWomp123 7

Wet that ice nice and good next time you put it in your mouth. Oh yeah!

staceysgenesis16 0

ouch :(. stupid ice cube.

traze 7

How the ****? just how the ****?

PrincessesCrown 17

traze just stop posting, trust me you sound smarter when your not typing.

traze 7

And who the **** is you? FML owner?

traze 7

Huh, who are you? answer me......

You're quite the intellectual giant, aren't you traze?

traze 7

Nah I'm not, I'm obtuse. I sense you are though?...would like to enlighten me with your vast amount of knowledge?

Ice from the freezer can tear the skin off your lip. Care to know why? Look it up like a well-adjusted individual in the age of the Internet.

Spenerish 0

Saying "How the ****?" multiple times does not make you seem cool or funny.

When I read your comments Traze, all I think is "Herp, derp, DERP."

sydmadhurf 6

ok why is everyone hating on traze or whatever?! we should all be friends here:)

it's just like sticking your tounge to a pole in the winter.

Because **** you, that's why. JK... I think people are hating on him because he makes stupid comments I guess. I'm not so sure, but that's what it seems like.

mandywaffles 0

22- you're* Just saying, don't insult someone and then fail in the process of doing so.

Clouded_Rhino 0

if you want to know JUST how the **** it's possible then try for yourself until you get it JUST right. :D

Sucks for you! Happens to the best of us though!

KatrinaKitten 16

What a smart cookie you are!

sydmadhurf 6

oh. my. gosh. that was hilarious!! and just what I needed right now!! thanks:)

unmm really? you JUST figured that out?? have you not seen the kid with his tongue stuck to a frozen pole???

jennifer93 0

guess that's the last time you're gonna make out with an icecube...