By gullible - 12/04/2014 16:01 - United States

Today, I found out that the April Fool's Day prank my girlfriend and best friend played on me was not a joke, and that they actually did sleep together. FML
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Sorry for you :/ No one deserves that.

Sounds like them being true friends was the real prank...


Sorry for you :/ No one deserves that.

Sadly, the only people who deserve it are the people who perpetrate it.

That was a pretty crappy way of telling you. Sorry OP:(

JuliaaNoelle 26

Apparently 180 people think that he deserved it

#25 they could just be mis clicks, it happens.

flashback_fml 14

527 now lmao

Thanks for the status update #53. We would have never known.

I think you should have a revenge lay.

Are revenge Lays the same as regular Lays? A new flavor, perhaps?

Sleep with her best friend before you dump her. Then break up. Or her sister. Her sister works too.

Lays should make that a flavor. The Revenge Lays. It's a chip you eat when you go and get revenge on your cheating bf/gf.

I bet that is full of air..

#19 he should do both just for good measure

That's harsh OP. If it helps, my ex considered breaking up with me on April Fool's day like that. Ha, we're over. April Fool's? Nope.

April fools day a a very poor time to try and have serious conversations. Sorry to hear that #3

LusciousBaby23 11

what does OP mean ?

I'll resist the urge to be sarcastic and tell you that OP means Original Poster. As in the one who wrote the FML.

falon142012 22

30, I'm surprised you didn't say it stands for Oyster Pearls. I would've if my username was OP.

#27 OP means original poster for example.The person who posted the fml

LusciousBaby23 11

thank you for not being sarcastic about it (:

You're better off without someone who would cheat on you, especially someone who cheats with one of your good friends.

The friend shouldn't have done it. He isn't much of a friend for sleeping with her.

Looks like it's time for some spring cleaning, and OP needs to take out the trash.

kayteakay 26

Amen. Those two don't respect you, go out and meet some better friends!

Sounds like them being true friends was the real prank...

Wow that's kind of low. You don't deserve that. :/

drumguy218 11

dump her NOW

Break up with her and make sure she knows it's a joke either.

* not a joke...dammit

sourgirl101 28

If you keep both of them in your life after knowing what you do, then you truly are a fool.

The only option is to get even. Go have sex with the same guy she cheated on you with. (Sarcasm - for the kids who can't get a joke)