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Wow, with an eyesight as good as yours you prolly shouldn't be driving anyway, so I hope he took your license.

does your car say 'jail'?


Wow, with an eyesight as good as yours you prolly shouldn't be driving anyway, so I hope he took your license.

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YDI for seeing the guy next to you give you the look as if he wanted a street race, then winning and finding out that his car said "sheriff" on it.

wow that's a win. good job sir

Op you didn't win unless you were in a stolen car and got away. Otherwise, you lose.

So if I want race someone I have to look at them a certain way? Wow, street racing just became 48% more gay.

you won the race but at the end you lose. fail.

did he rev his engine? lol

Op fails at spelling(: Ydi

ydi for spelling sheriff wrong

I'm thinking this could be fake. I mean, if he could see the "racing look", how can he not see Sheriff on the car until after? Something's not right here.

& plus if he saw Sheriff written on the car, how does he not know how to spell it?

68- change your name to i_failso_ harddd

bad spellers of the world UNTIE!!

I thought that joke went, "Dyslexics of the world, UNTIE!" (No offense to dyslexics; I'm just repeating it)

fly. he's just mad he lost.

that's entrapment if he intentionally led you on to participate in the race but YDI for not paying attention

65; that's what I was thinking, OP u didn't win because u forgot to flip him off! but good job though.

seriously the worst fucking FML ever, how come my good ones doesnt Get accepted? This is shit.

It's entrapment because he looked at the OP? o_O If it's legal to dress as a whore, lead a guy to a hotel, and then quote prices for services before busting him, it's legal to give a guy a look. I bet he was just scoping the guy out anyway.

I like how OP managed to put "I won" in there. (:

haha. haha. haha. dumbfuck

Total win for the Better Off Dead movie reference!!

wait was this taken from family guy? cuz a very similar thing happened on family guy...

I was going to call OP a dumbass/fuck, but others beat me to it. Ps- I'm not surprised if this is off Family Guy. People aren't very creative when making up FMLs.

my best friend died street racing. so I would say if you stop racing and a fine is the only thing you get for it then you got off lucky

dude get some new lines. lol

owned!!!!! ps. why is this @ the love category?

I want to cover u with barbeque sauce and eat u like some nice prime ribs omnomnomnom

Haha 99 you figured that movie out too. Great job Mercy. I want my two dollars!

123- I think it goes to the love category by default.

So he DID race you? Or maybe you "won" the pursuit.

it's funny because you raced a sherif and went over the speed limit.

111 - Your pic is pure hotness.

skroal you're a fag

thts straight from family guy

#3 shut up you ass hole

put down xDDD Lolololz

ur so rite so das ur fault for being so dumb '

does your car say 'jail'?

you think you might need to go to the doctor for glasses now?

I think this may be considered as an epic fail....

Fuck glasses! He shoulda been thinking about street race overtime!

This reminds me of Family Guy. Is your name Meg? If so, FYL. :)

I dont find the word 'cunt' funny. Do you?

Oh my god, you noticed a word I purposely put in my name and pointed it out! *clap* Let's put a gold star by your name!

Yes, but you exclaimed, "cunt haha." That made me think that you found the word 'Cunt' funny.

I was being sarcastic and yes I would love my gold star

no to my gold star? darn

Yes. No to your gold star.

Can I have the gold star then?

You'd just paint it!

SkyGuy32 17

I do

wow someone needs a show on 20/20 haha get it 20/20 vision ahaha I am too funny.

It's because you forgot to give him the finger.

That works just as well, Freeze.

Did you win? oh wait, I guess not if he caught your dumb ass

The FML says he won

No, I think it's a tie now. Remember, OP won the race.

what does ydi mean

You deserved it. :)

You....Dumb....Idiot..... And yes....You Deserved It (YDI as well)

Liar, liar, pants on fire iiCaptain! It stands for 'Yodeling Dummies Instigate'

You Didn't Investigate.

ydi means you deserve it , hottie :)