By tadam - 10/11/2008 09:11 - France

Today, to my delight I discover that there is security camera in the storage room at my work. The same room where, two days ago I masturbated. FML
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Ohhhh, so that was YOU on youtube???

Who masturbates in a storage room?


Ohhhh, so that was YOU on youtube???

So someone has figured out my comment...

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You seem to know a lot about those. Past or present experience with them?

By the looks of it, future too

Hey guys hold on a sec....(later) hey dude where were you, why are you all sweaty? (security-camera-watcher comes in.) ya'll dont wanna know

I like how you assume the security camera watcher is black lmao

Who masturbates in a storage room?

cuz he works at a butter factory

*Raises her hand* Although, I keep it in the bathroom.

Exactly! Especially at work!

Must be pretty lonely to do that in a storage room... O_O

lmao wow. lonely indeed.

Is your job THAT boring?

Lol at #5, 6, and 8 Why would you do it in the storage room? Why not atleast the bathroom? Its illegal to put cameras there at least!

Couldn't wait til you got home...?

mmmm #10 is cute, how bout you and me hit the storage cupboard