By youknowwhatitis - 22/06/2011 13:31 - Australia

Today, I learned how to wolf-whistle properly, and then learned what it feels like to be slapped on the head. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Consider yourself lucky that you know how to wolf whistle and that was the first time you have EVER been slapped in the head.


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Idonebeenhad 17

BOOM HEADSHOT!! haters gonna hate

i_love_grrr 0

what the heck is wolf whistle? :)

who learns how to wolf whistle? u have no life

it's a mouth call for predators. also known as a predator call, I got a bunch of em for huntin

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notsocrazee 0

it's that duo-toned whistle that construction workers do to hot chicks in daisy duke booty shorts on their lunch break to say "yeah, I'd totally tap that".

imacreeper 3

this can work both ways. it was either a female who thought that was very disrespectful, or an angry male.

AbuelaGrande 0

We beat people with chickens who do that is not not nice I don't like that so much because it happen when I had nice legs

whippymcdumb4zs 0

When you "had" nice legs? what are they cottage cheese looking now??

I'm never eating cottage cheese again.

boyguydudemalema 0

I'm no expert at these kind of stuff, but isn't wolf whistling a complement? its like saying "you're hot, wanna hook up?" If a girl wolf whistle me, I would be like "oh why thank you for appreciating my handsomeness!"

132: Some girls would rather have someone say, "wow, you're beautiful" than be whistled at like a dog. Others may take it as a compliment, but others don't.

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televishun 7

being wolf whistled at on the street by a stranger is actually VERY offensive.

Fweet fwoo. Op was prolly trying it out. I suppose it went like this. OP:Fweeeet fwooo! Finally! I can wolf whi- Random Fat Lady: *WHACK*

iAmScrubs 19

Consider yourself lucky that you know how to wolf whistle and that was the first time you have EVER been slapped in the head.

You didn't know how it felt to be slapped on the head? Man, I'm jealous.

missL1z 5

Congratulations on the newly founded skill. You must have been too excited whistling so much that it annoyed someone. I would be too!

I think you need to look up what a wolf whistle is. o.O

televishun 7

A wolf whistle is actually a very demeaning form of street harassment. Don't congratulate OP on his bad behavior, hopefully this has taught him not to be a douchebag.

bitchslapped22 14

7, he wasn't doing it for fun, he did it to a hot girl and she slapped him for it.

how is this an Fml again? This happens to alot of people.

Wolf whistling is practically asking to be slapped

Slapping is a bit extreme in my opinion... When girls react too much to whistles like that, I just want to tell them to get over themselves.

It's different when you're the one on the side of the harassment, especially if it's something you have to put up with on a daily basis. The whistler gets to whistle once and go on with his day, while the woman has to deal with it again and again from different people.

44, I am actually posting that comment as an American woman living in a foreign country, which means I get hit on a lot. I have learned that it's one thing to be repeatedly followed, have your picture taken, and have men try to touch you, but a simple whistle is an entirely different thing, and it just bothers me when other women try to make a huge deal out of it...

Well then it's great that you're able to handle the harassment, but I don't think it's right to tell other women to get over themselves for wanting to take a stand against behaviour they find personally offensive.

televishun 7

Not that I don't agree with you that some forms of street harassment can be MUCH more frightening than others, and it's not that I'm trying to tell you that your own experiences don't matter..... but, I DO tend to think of wolf whistling as unacceptable, and a BIG deal. I refuse to allow anyone to demean or harass me in public, even if it is less frightening than being followed or sexually assaulted.

My point is that a whistle is not harassment. The simple solution is to walk away. If you are truly being harassed, then use physical force and harsh words. But don't make a bigger deal out of something than it needs to be. Sorry if anyone finds this offensive.

I will admit that slapping someone for a whistle is probably more confrontational than I'd ever personally get, but that doesn't mean a whistle isn't harassment. The whole point of whistling at someone is to remind them that they're lesser than you and that you see them as a sexual object, which is incredibly obnoxious to experience when you're just trying to get to work or pick up some groceries. People who respect others don't make sexual come-ons like that at strangers in the street - I would say at the very least the asshole deserves to be flipped off.

I only whistle to make sure they know I mean business. If they don't come to me when I whistle they get no treats, and I won't play 'ball' even if they beg. wait, we are talking about dogs right?

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shaniecerb 0

how does whistling call for a slap?if it bothers you and you think its "rude" just roll your eyes and walk away...i actually take a whistle as a compliment.i would never talk to anyone who did that but its still a compliment at the end of the day

86- I get what you're saying, but at the same time other people will feel uncomfortable being checked out, and some people might feel offended as well

**** some chicks are way too sensitive. x.x It's not a big deal.

70, they're having an intelligent discussion here. If you don't want to bother reading it, just don't. I agree with 86, in that you could potentially take it as a compliment, and although to be wolf-whistled at can br considered as harassment, you can easily choose to walk away from it.

dyble95 0

yes most of you are so right. I mean making a noise, omg that's complete harassment and LOOKiNG at some one. wow I just can't stand for this. anybody who even glances at anybody should be declared a potential rapist and harraser and thrown in jail. *sarcasm* really it's just a noise. you could even take it as a complement if you like and if it bothers you just keep on moving. people in life have to deal with announces all the time it doesn't give anybody a right to slap them. as long as there not stocking, continually bothering you when you made it clear you wernt interested or anything worse then it's not harassment.

dyble95 0

I dont wolf whistle at people and I think its a little weird to but you most of you guys over react.

Like I said before I think a slap might be a bit extreme, but I don't think that automatically makes whistling an acceptable behaviour, particularly towards strangers. If you find someone attractive enough that you want to get their attention, you can go up and introduce yourself to them like an adult. Whistling at someone isn't going to get you a date (nor will honking, glaring, stalking, or groping), it serves no purpose and it's rude.

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in no way is a whistle all. dont be a douchefag.

dsg215 2

I absolutely agree. People saying "oh, it's not a big deal, whatever"... until you MAKE it a big deal it will keep happening!!! It is not "natural", men are perfectly capable of controlling themselves just like women are, it is also not cute. I used to get that shit all the time as a teen growing up in Philadelphia, now I live in Montreal and it NEVER happens, not from homeless guys, college students, anyone. Literally it's happened maybe twice in the 2 years I've lived here, I used to get that shit every day. So it is all social norms that dictate if it happens or not.

toad396 0

THANK YOU. This is exactly how I feel.

You wolf-whistle at me, I'll slap you twice on the head.

lol your comment made me laugh so hard just because of your picture. haha :)

KumpsMgumps 0

You don't have to worry about that, guys only do that to women they find attractive. Not ugly people. You should be fine.

This situation could have been avoided with a little bit of common sense. Don't pull that shit in public unless you want dirty looks from others. Or.. in this case unless you want to get slapped on the head.