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Today, while I was waiting for the bus, I was whistling. I saw a cute girl running and I looked at my phone so it didn't seem too awkward. I was still whistling as she passed by so it sounded like I whistled at her. She ran back to slap me. FML
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I'd love to know what makes anyone think it's ok to slap someone just for whistling at them.

slap her back victory


Nederlander95 14

That's just really unfortunate, not really a big deal. Funny nonetheless, and you now have a good story!


"... So I was waiting on my bus, and out of nowhere, suddenly a wild thundercunt appeared!"

A good story, and a conversation starter. I hope OP chased her down and straightened things out. That way he gets to talk to her. Win-win!

guckylynn 19

I'm pretty sure slapping someone like that is legally considered assault though.

slap her back victory

This 'Murica we're dealing with here. No such things go without a lawsuit. Then again, if OP is male, he should man up and take that slap like a boss, it only hurts for like, 10 seconds.

#15 The only reason to "man up" and accept completely unreasonable behaviour like slapping others unprovoked is if you, in fact, do NOT believe in gender equality and think that women are like immature children who aren't accountable for their bahaviour.

If she's man enough to dish it out she's man enough to take it.. she could've ignored the whistling but had to make an extra trip

I agree with Shadowbay, sadly though, if he chose to retaliate he would probably have a battery charge levied against him because it's ok for a woman to hit a man, but if he defends himself then he's a woman beater. Double standards........

48 is right. My friend told me there's a law that says a woman has to hit a man 3 times before he can hit her back. I've never seen a source for proof, but he's a really smart guy and knows a bit about the legal system. Lots of laws favor women with stuff like that, like domestic abuse and rape are taken 10x more seriously when done to a woman. And men get longer prison sentences for the same crime. Most likely because they're seen as more violent so people think they need more time to be rehabilitated. And sorry for sort of ranting about this. I spend too much time on tumblr where everybody separates things into gender issues.

i can assure you it does not take three hits to get a battery charge, similarly it does not takes 3 stabs for attempted murder, or three shots for murder.

That analogy doesn't work because those things have nothing to do with gender. It takes three hits because women are seen as the weaker sex. What does stabbing and shooting have to do with gender? Nothing. But hitting does because it's based on muscle which girls usually don't have as much of because they don't produce testosterone (well they technically do, but not nearly as much as guys). I would say nice try, but you really didn't try very hard.

noonenoeone 22

#62 just made a stupid comment with your "3 times" remark, down you go

Unfortunately, even if a woman hits you, if you hit her back she will probably get you arrested. Women talk about how they are still unequal.. Unequal my ass..

Really? Down I go? Maybe you should look at the comments... And I don't understand how I'm stupid when I'm pointing out a law that exists, but ok. Yeah. I'm the stupid one.

That law most definitely doesn't exist (as far as I can assume). it'd be extremely unconstitutional, and would never be enacted in the first place.

Really? That's ridiculous. And yet feminists say men have the upper hand in society damn

The constitution calls for a separation of church and state yet gay marriage is illegal completely on the basis of religion, and it says "In God we trust" on our money. There are many things about our country that go against the constitution. And you can't just "assume" a law doesn't exist when you have no idea about it.

I'd love to know what makes anyone think it's ok to slap someone just for whistling at them.

The "I know I have equal rights" part of gender equality is developing nicely, but the "I know I have equal accountability" part is lagging behind severely.

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OysterPearls - I don't care how offended you get by getting whistled at. It does not excuse violence.

Why is she exercising if she doesn't want to be attractive to men? If a girl checked me out while I was working out, I'd be flattered.

sweetprettykitty 10

Maybe she wants to get healthy for herself.... Or she wants to be attractive to women.

amberv61 22

#29, I don't believe she had a reason to be angry. If OP was whistling loud enough she should have been able to hear it while approaching him. If he called out to her in a demeaning way after the whistle I could understand, but he didn't.

29 didn't say it was okay to slap people in response to verbal harassment OR that OP deserved it. She was just saying that street harassment is not okay and she can understand where the girl was coming from. As in, as a girl, you get harassed so often (ranging from whistles and cat calls, to more explicit verbal harassment, to physical assault) that it kind of becomes your default expectation. I would never hit anyone because they whistled at me and even if I thought it was aimed at me I would clarify before I said anything but that WOULD probably be my first thought. It's sad, but it's the reality a lot of women live with.

Therefore, although she shouldn't have hit anyone (which is what 29 said anyway), I can see why OP might have mistakenly thought it was aimed at her and gotten upset (thus making her defensive and more likely to overreact).

KrazyKatz3 26

Honestly I'd love to know what makes anyone think they have the right to slap someone. (Self defense is a different story)

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Why would someone whistling think they would have to stop because some female running by is gonna think the person is whistling at her?

Bigfabthetruth52 22

its basic manners to not slap someone for something so minor.also she's a little conceited to make those assumptions automatically

and this is shy England can't win a war. whistling a song is not the same as a cat call.

By that same logic, I can say she should have stopped running when she heard him whistling.

And that is HIMYM

Fun story yes, FML, not so much lol

Well it massed muster with the FML voting community, the mods, and the Mighty FML Deity, plus I see it posted on So I'd say that does, in fact, make it an FML.

What'd the five fingers say to the face?!?!

91hayek 31

your grandpa is a hell of a drug.

91hayek 31

Some girls just think they are all that. Ain't no one looking at you honey, just keep running.

The FML says she was cute so OP obviously was looking at her.

Actually, the man said he started looking at his phone to make it less awkward. The girl must just CRAVE attention.

91hayek 31

well not cute enough for OP to whistle at. You look at a girl once and some of them think you're crossing the street to follow them, instead of the fact that you are actually going that way. I have never pulled the gay card but one of these days I will, just to shame a girl.

I think for a lot of girls it's nothing to do with being conceited, it's just a rational assumption borne of the sexism they DO experience. I don't think I'm pretty or have a great body or anything like that - I actually have a lot of body hang-ups - but it's still something I live with and so come to expect. Doesn't make violence okay of course, but please understand what girls often go through every day before deciding they're all just narcissistic attention ******.

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*snaps fingers in a Z formation*

This is the best comment in this thread

Take it as a Klingon mating call. Follow her everywhere while loudly proclaiming your love. Disclaimer: Not responsible for any backfire that may ensue

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Thats when you say "don't flatter yourself ugly" or something else stinging.