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  goshpeople  |  4

The handjob wouldn't be random if there was any kind of reason or aim behind it. For example, if he would only give a handjob to a well-hung guy, it isn't random. And you should've said "he" instead of "him".

Yeah, yeah, pedantic annoying Grammar-Nazi post, but you really should know these things. You don't seem entirely stupid.

  Termites  |  15

What the guy actually said "Whoa man, your dick's so big it's folded against the wall and spraying back at you don't use your hands to flush either.."


16- I'm guessing you're a guy who got dumped by the girl in your profile, so in retaliation you sign up to websites like FML to comment and make her look like a slut? if not then, please, get some class.