By fmlguy382 - 22/06/2011 08:13 - United States

Today, I was complimented on how big my penis was. I was complimented by the guy peeing next to me in the men's restroom at McDonald's. FML
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Would you rather him give you a random hand job?

shit ya free hand jobs are the best handjobs

ReptarRAWR23 0

Yeah really who pays these they give them out like happtmeals!

I give the best:)) look at my info and find me on facebook!

isn't that what you're supposed to do when you find a package you like? grab the heck out of it?

gabstahhh 8

Well that's somethin to be proud of.

gabstahhh 8

Number 20 really knows how to bring class to a conversation about handjobs...:)

FiestaInMyPants 8

Was there any class in the first place?

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#49- A classy hand job convo.. Is that an oxymoron?

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A compliment is a matter how weird O.o

I wish I got complimented on how big my penis is...

enonymous 8

McHand jobs are the best. order some fries and head straight to the the restroom..

FiestaInMyPants 8

Then I doubt her name would be Fmlguy..

The handjob wouldn't be random if there was any kind of reason or aim behind it. For example, if he would only give a handjob to a well-hung guy, it isn't random. And you should've said "he" instead of "him". Yeah, yeah, pedantic annoying Grammar-Nazi post, but you really should know these things. You don't seem entirely stupid.

#20 just broadcasted she's a *****. Lovely.

juicedboi 7

If another guy will admit it's big, you shouldnt be having any issues amongst the ladies. - 1 you remind me of Selena Gomez

that makes no sense at all since you do have to pay for happy meals...

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What!!!!! Que cosa mas fea!!!!! callate!!!!!!¡¡¿¿,…3¢€§@„:/¡'

Lol, as I read this there was a McDonald's commercial on TV.

SneakherHead 5

For a second I thought that was a picture of you lol fooled me

Termites 15

What the guy actually said "Whoa man, your dick's so big it's folded against the wall and spraying back at you don't use your hands to flush either.."

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we're not the ones who seems stupid. it's the people like you who actually give a damn on "correct" grammar on an FML site that seem stupid.

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Tell him this ain't Subway and that ain't no five dollar foot long... it's ten ;D

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, don't lie you know he "stroked" your ego...

OceanBreathesSal 5

I bet he was the only person to see OPs penis.

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was he a republican congressman?

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Sound funny coming from the mouth of a pedobear :p

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What a wonderful excuse to joust!

your profile picture made me shit myself

johnson94 5

welcome to the club, the big penis club!

There is no club, if there is I should definitely be in it. Also, a compliment of penis size coming from a fat guy? The chub probably can't even find his.

yohooooooo 5

the only club 59 belongs in is the itty bitty penis committee.

I always thought it was Millimeter Peter. Ahah!

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holy crap theres a ghost beside you

yohooooooo 5

actually 274 I am the "ghost"

CremeEggs 6

Actually, usually when a penis is large on the flop, it doesn't grow much from there. Just saying.

16- I'm guessing you're a guy who got dumped by the girl in your profile, so in retaliation you sign up to websites like FML to comment and make her look like a ****? if not then, please, get some class.

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either that or she's really 300 lbs overweight and has never been close to or seen an actual penis. either way, it's pathetic

My point exactly. She's probably some pedo that is trying to get people to add her on FB.

it may be creepy but that's kind of how john holmes got his start

brbgirl 0

awkward.... but at least he commented on how big it was, not how small.