By cjhgvb - 06/11/2014 00:48 - Canada - Halifax

Today, I found out it is possible to get whiplash and a concussion from a tickle fight you have with your boyfriend. FML
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Man! That is some very hardcore tickle fight you got going on there!

Tickle fights never really turn out right. Sorry


Nobody cares dude.

Tickle fights never really turn out right. Sorry

Sometimes they turn out REALLY right ;)

Man! That is some very hardcore tickle fight you got going on there!

I dare say, it was a tickle war. We lost many good soldiers that day.

Tickle fights are dangerous man... I went overseas a year ago and had a tickle fight. I hit my head on the bunk bed above me and suffered a bad concussion. One year down the track and I still suffer bad vertigo. TICKLE FIGHTS ARE DANGEROUS I TELL YA!

I once broke two ribs from a tickle fight!!

he may of won this battle. resupply on feathers. and I'll see you for the war.

Release the fingers of justice! We need the heavy artillery this time.

Get special forces on the line. We need the Joker. Shit just got serious.

Stop commenting.. You comment like 3 times on every post

I didn't realize there was a limit to the amount of times someone could post on an FML! I've been doing it wrong this while time. You're not the comment police, #26. If you don't like his comments just thumb them down and move on; quit being obnoxious.

and yet I'm just collecting those thumbs. fyl

This is a whole new level of tickle fight ... I hope you will be okay soon, OP

Some intense tickling

You know those "justgirlythings" tumblr posts where they're like "having tickle fights with your boyfriend

Maybe something more subtle wouldn't be a bad idea...

At least he didn't disappear

Did your boyfriend also get his ass kicked by your dad last tickle fight?

maybe it was an accident.....

I'm the OP. I thought I should tell you, no my boyfriend did not get his ass kicked by my dad. It was an accident. Also, my boyfriend is my dad's boss' son so if he did anything, he would be out of a job. They have worked together and they like each other. And it's funny, because we didn't know we had any connection to each other until he asked me out.