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By stretchy - 06/05/2013 19:58 - United States - Bethesda

Today, my boyfriend forced me to do stretching exercises with him before and after sex as a "safety precaution". FML
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Let me guess. He doesn't stretch but rather sits and watches YOU stretch.


Did you stretch your groin and glutes out well?

Partner stretching can be part of the foreplay. And can get you both flexible enough to start getting into more creative positions.

Its a thoughtful and considerate choice. at least he cares

He's safer than you are OP, he's a keeper. (:

So he cares about your safety and this is an FML how......

cramp during sex is a real passion killer. takes it someone who knows :/

Seems that way; they stretched before and after!

Let me guess. He doesn't stretch but rather sits and watches YOU stretch.

inthedopeshow 17

He could be trying to ease her into the idea of tantric sex!

You can never be too careful .. Don't want to pull a muscle or anything ...

I once got a thigh cramp. I was in agony. He thought he was rocking my world.

That should have been an FML, #31

iLike2Teabag 27

Every sprinter knows that they should stretch, or else they choke when they try to make the big finish. If you know what I mean.

Big finish. Going for the gold, where fireworks go off when he crosses the finish line?!:O

And everyone knows, if you choke during the big finish, you may find yourself choking the chicken.

On the other hand, some people like choking during sex.

swimagirl4321 15

At least he cares about you

Or he is just totally screwing with op for the fun of it.

You don't want to pull a muscle. That is no fun. He's looking out for your best interests.

Are there like Kama Sutra moves going on?

That's what I was thinking. Just how strenuous does OP's man get?!

rg350dx 29

Sounds like some wild sex will go down. And it's always good to stretch. Should do it every morning.

Your profile image is perfect, it looks all like " Who said wild sex? mmmhmmm..."