By supras - 04/12/2013 02:03 - United Kingdom - Luton

Today, playing soccer, I jumped up to make a header and clear the ball away from our goal. I got the ball but some guy kicked me in the face. I was taken off. All the parents were horrified, saying how badly my nose must have broken. Turns out my nose was fine. That's just how my nose looks. FML
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They didn't need to be so nosy. Congrats on getting the ball though.


OP is from United Kingdom. How come it's called "soccer"?

There was once this really cute guy in my high school that had a gorgeous nose, but some girl accidentally broke it by slamming a locker door in his face. And ever since then, he's lost his looks.

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#51, how does that relate to #1's comment?

1 said "that's quite a blow" so I commented a similar situation relating to the fml where a guy got hit in the face by a locker door. do I need to spell out everything? goodness.

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Nosy little people......-.- that must of hurt, hopefully you feel better OP

OP really deserves it for calling it soccer...

They didn't need to be so nosy. Congrats on getting the ball though.

I have no clue if you were being punny or meant it. Well, I don't think they were being nosy, they were concerned.

You're from the UK and you're calling it soccer? I call foul (no pun intended).

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Maybe he knows his audience (I'm just assuming that the highest demographic on here are Americans)

Wow, we really care about something that doesn't relate to FML in any way!!!!!!

Actually It did relate. #4 was saying either how ungrateful his girlfriend Is or that she's lucky she doesn't have a ****** up nose

I have a weird nose too but my wife says she loves the way it feels during oral time haha. So you got that going for you

Do you nozzle your way in or something??

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I bet it was quite a soccer for them when they realised that.

...what are you even trying to say here?

Am I misinformed on the ways you can use the word soccer or does this just not makes sense?

Soccer, sounding like "socker", which means a punch. A punch to the face is pretty surprising. Or, soccer is supposed to sounder like "shocker", as in something surprising. How did you mean it, #6?

I think she meant "sucker" since we're all trying to figure out what she said...

I have gotten my nose broken three times by playing soccer(football). People dive for the ball, jump to kick it, while others try to head the ball. Things happen.

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Know that you aren't alone. There are SO many people who have a crooked nose and/or a deviated septum that never know about it until they see a physician. Resource: 12 month mentorship in otolaryngology

Someone thinks there on Yahoo Answers! :P

For ***** sake it's "they're". And #8 is right. I have a deviated septum from 7 years of boxing. It sucks but throw more people I talk about it with, the more I find it's quite common.

*through. The joy of quick typing on iPad.

To be fair, even if it wasn't broken, it could have been swollen. So it would've been naturally a bit off but made more obvious because of the kick.

I read "it was taken off"..."it" being your face. I was very alarmed there for a moment. Maybe I should stop reading FMLs at 1:23 AM.

But then you don't get a chance to comment on all the good ones!

You do get a badge for that...and I bet everyone is looking to unlock them all...

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I'm trying to get as many badges as I can. Some of them seem nearly impossible though. It's not looking like I'll be getting an FML published, and I doubt I'll get the one that's for voting on 100% of all the FMLs.