By SkiMaskFukd - United States
  Today, I just realized the harder my girlfriend comes during sex, the louder she snores after. I've tried earplugs but sometimes, like tonight, once I am up, I can't fall back to sleep. My choices are thus great sex and no sleep, or great sleep but no sex. FML
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  slappomatt  |  4

wow if that's the worst thing that happens to you your doing pretty damn good. you. know something like 3/4 of women don't come regularly be happy you found a good one


allyannamarie, I'd think you were kidding, but since you posted the same thing twice, your probably not. Sex is in no way more important than sleep, and health expert will tell you that. Not to mention the health detriments of energy drinks and caffiene.

  Kazze  |  31

How does one make a woman "cone"?

... also, why would you make it seem like that's a bad thing? "Oh, you give your girlfriend intense orgasms, you FUCKIN' LOSER!" That made no sense.

  janey123  |  0

Have amazing sex, then quietly move to the couch, and if she asks you why, say you thought you may have been snoring and you love her to much to wake her up. I do the same thing, and my bf( now fiancé) did that. Now we alternate who sleeps in the guest bedroom after amazing sex. We sleep well AND have the best sex in our lives.