By notmydad. - 08/05/2010 10:07 - Philippines

Today, my family and I went to the mall. We all split up in a department store to shop for our own clothes. While shopping, I caught my dad feeling up a mannequin in the back corner of the store. FML
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Take a video and use it as blackmail!

WTF no offense but im thinking ur dad doesn't get laid much...


Blue_Coconuts 7

Or mommy doesn't put out...

Your dad is a psycho

1-or he could have been joking? but probably not. i think this is mpre of a mlia

your dad is a pimp

I feel bad for the mannequin (sp?), your dad is creepy.

korn247 5


lol not sure bout this one..maybe fake..or your dad was doing a prank..or hes just curios lmao :)

LOL OMG! This one made me laugh! rofl this is by far my favorite FML ever! Hahahaha I'm never going to stop laughing lol

Jessi2487 0

ur dad needs to get laid.... seriously

I thought my family was embarrising

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You're Dad is desperate, your mom doesn't give him any. Guess is better that than actually cheating huh?

tomas12 0

was the manikin hot........,

FMLRevoluSean 0

At least he wasn't riding on top of it naked.

Daerauko 0

atleast now you can buy him something he wants rather than another damn tie! were the mannequin's nips erect? lol he had no choice but to touch! <_<

lmao that's so funny.. and really creepy too maybe he likes hard plastic better than soft human :-/

KiddNYC1O 20

your dad should log on to fml. there's a lot of girls here that need to be felt up lol

noseasmamon 0

#31 uhm he has kids hence he's gotten laid...

Maybe he was feeling up the mannequin because she wouldn't protest, unlike just about everyone else I imagine.

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hha I do that almost everytme I go to Victorias secret XD

zakkyzebra 11

haha now we can tell how bad your mom is in bed

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61 that's also super creepy... hopefully atleast u don't feel the girl manikins

ticklemechantell 0

63: I ESP feel the girl mannequins XD it's fun to watch peoples reactions. esp if you act lke you're tryin to do it secretly =P

61, but how? I wanna know it badly.

ticklemechantell 0

xD hha umm jst look around and slowly lean forward and tke a big sniff. then slowly reach your hand up and yeah. hahaha that was awkward

38 - The little model pose you're trying in your pic is all fail. However, I give you credit for dressing like your mom and not like all the skanks on here. 53 - If you put on just a little more makeup, you'll fit in well down the street at the local strip club. A pole awaits you.

Hey, 72, you're a douche. They're pretty, and you're a creepy old man on FML.

KiddNYC1O 20

53 is beautiful.

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leave brittney alone!!!!!!!?

sigh, you get a cookie too

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31... he did get laid, unless OP is adopted.

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mizz Bebe your gorgeous any how at least he wasn't trying to look up the skirt

16- I'm not gonna lie, you're pretty attractive(:

heey sexxyy ;)

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omg I love that son on ur profile!!

Take a video and use it as blackmail!

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umm awq much...

Totally right, who to fuck? The mannequin or his wife?

WTF no offense but im thinking ur dad doesn't get laid much...

You are forever scarred

wow..agreed with 4 ur dad needs to get someee

wow..agreed with 4 ur dad needs to get someee

just keep an eye on him from now on, he may upgrade.

At least it wasn't his TWELFTH time doing it!