By Goki - Canada
Today, I was shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart with my mom. As we pulled up to the cashier, I noticed it was a really hot girl from my school. Trying to be cool, I told my mom that I'll be paying for the purchases. My debit card was denied. My mom had to pay. FML
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  mommy2cassidy  |  18

I tried to use my debit card today and it was declined and said "card limit reached" my fiance had to use his card for the same account. We have been declined because the system was under maintenance. You don't know why it was declined considering the time the system was under maintenance it said "insufficient funds" when we did have enough money.

By  realggirl  |  0

ouch ylif

dont worry weve all been there
so embarrassing

#1 sometimes the credit card company messes up, doesnt mean you arent keeping track of your finanaces.