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Today, I introduced my Chinese-born girlfriend to the rest of the family. My uncle immediately blurted out, "He's dating a communist." FML
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So I guess I'm also "communist" according to your uncle..

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We all have that one crazy uncle we don't know whether to love or hate.


So I guess I'm also "communist" according to your uncle..

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Uh.... Yep... That would be correct. Go you!

Wait... WTF happen to the first 3 comments? What did they say?

OP is dating a hot Asian chick so he wins

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@72I hate you so ******* much for that comment. You even got the reference wrong. Just leave LEAVE!!!!!!!

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Because he lives in the united states which is a capatalist country.

Its better to date a communist than a terrorist... especially the type who compel their children to strap on a bomb-vest.

Chairman Mao will lead the way Chairman Mao knows whats bestM

I don't see how being a communist is bad

Rather a communist atleast then a republican, thank god that my country doesn't have republicans

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Count me in as a "communist" =/

105 - I can't tell if you're trolling or retarded.

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120- you don't need to start trash talking about other peoples political views. I don't call democrats jackasses. keep your rude opinions to yourself, sweetie:)

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Oh idk either. I mean what's wrong with kling millions of jews?? Oh and let's not forget about tianem square.

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As long as your love is strong, ignore your crazy ass uncle. He's living in the past and this is the future so he can shut the hell up.

People need to get with the times. Racism just isn't acceptable anymore.

Okay.. but China is still a Communist state.. which has noting to do with race.

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Hatred of communism is not racism

Old people have to stop living in the past. Racism is totally unacceptable now.

Assuming that someone is Communist based on where they're from definitely IS racist.

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65- I think that is prejudice...

This isn't the future it's actually the present

China is not exactly a communist state either considering that it has a free market economy...

59- but stereotyping every Chinese to be communist kinda is

56- I thought china was a country...... When did it become a state????

"State commonly refers to either the present condition of a system or entity, or to a governed entity (such as a country) or sub-entity (such as a province or region)." State and country can be used interchangeably. Sigh. Thanks for proving American haters that we are mostly retarded.

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That's not racist china is communistretards

what's a communistretard? it sounds like an over-complicated item of clothing worn by a gymnast...

@50... get with the times fucktard. Ignorance just isn't acceptable anymore.

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Well it's not entirely wrong to think that. Most people would assume Americans are capitalists of a liberal democracy. While they may be wrong for some, that's the average American. What IS wrong is assuming that there is something wrong with being communist. You may not want that as your government but it doesn't make some one a bad person.

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We all have that one crazy uncle we don't know whether to love or hate.

That "communist" is waaaay better than his wife and he's jealous

Well that is quite the unwarranted assumption.

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Jealous? Doubtful...racist? Likely ....

17, communism isn't a race. Cubans and Chinese don't look alike because of their political practice.

yes 22 but Chinese is a race and the uncle assumed all Chinese people are Communist based on her race

I thought Chine was a nationality and that Mongoloid would be the race.

Chinese* would be a nationality Mongolian* is a race too. Mongoloid is not a race, it is an insult coming from the word "mong", an insult meaning someone has down's syndrome. I suggest you never ask someone if they're a mongoloid.

I meant to type Chinese. Sorry, iphone typo. And mongoloid comes from Mongol and the suffix "oid". It doesn't mean someone with down's syndrome. "mon·gol·oid/ˈmäNGgəˌloid/ Noun:A person of a Mongoloid physical type. Adjective:Of or relating to the broad division of humankind including the indigenous peoples of eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Arctic region of North America. "

Oh and Mongolian is the nationality of the Mongolia country and people.

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116 - Actually, yetanotherginger is also right, because the words "Mong" and "Mongoloid" are used by very stupid people to describe or bully someone with Down Syndrome in the UK (negative slang). You are in the US so if you were ever to visit any part of the UK don't expect the person to be happy if you refer to them as "mongoloid."

My uncle is the same. They always have something to say even if no one wants to hear it. Ignore him, and you and your girlfriend be happy together :)

No I think it's Rick Perry, I can even give you three reasons. 1. He's racist... 2.....uh...he...sounds ignorant? 3....umm...hmm...uh...well I can't think of a third one...woops

43 If he was Herman Cain he would have told her she was pretty then reached up her skirt, after which he would pay her to sign a confidentiality waiver.

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Can't be. if his uncle were Herman Cain, he would have hit on OP's girlfriend rather than insult her.

Want a beetroot thrown at your kneecaps? I'll do it mate. Don't test me.

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USA, doesn't know a vegetable, Jesus...

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I think here in the usa we just call them beets, I know were lazy and like to shorten everything.

I remember watching an episode of rugrats when I was younger and they called it beetroot though. The character was Polish, but the show itself is American.


There's always the crazy person of the family. And if you're trying to think of who it is in your family and can't think of anyone... then most likely it's you. Sorry OP, yours happened to be an asshole of an uncle

I hate asshole family members like that. Joking or not, it's very disrespectful.

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**** you his uncle is entitled to his own opinion... white power