By Anonymous - 28/09/2009 16:28 - United States

Today, I was introduced to friends of my boyfriend as "My other girlfriend." FML
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What a dumbass. I hope you dumped that tool.


Meh... if she's ugly she has no reason to complain.

Give him 5 seconds to start laughing and say "just kidding", and if he doesn't, introduce your foot to his ass.

Look at the bright side, at least your boyfriend is getting some ass

four scoops of ass

And.. you didn't dump him? If you didn't YDI for being a simple-minded tool.

Hahaha ouch.

wow these cheaters are getting lazier and lazier

What a dumbass. I hope you dumped that tool.

HE IS A ASSHOLE dump him

Ehhh what trash he is Id dump him if you value both Your dignity,AND the pride of all us girls that share society with you....

at least he said girlfriend

Beware not to finish like one of those

Maybe he's a polygamist.

Reply with "Nice to meet you *insert name*, mother of my ex." and leave.