By Anonymous - 28/09/2009 16:28 - United States

Today, I was introduced to friends of my boyfriend as "My other girlfriend." FML
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hauptubel 0

What a dumbass. I hope you dumped that tool.


Meh... if she's ugly she has no reason to complain.

fmlfmlfml15 0

Give him 5 seconds to start laughing and say "just kidding", and if he doesn't, introduce your foot to his ass.

trakus 0


Zhejan 0

Look at the bright side, at least your boyfriend is getting some ass

four scoops of ass

And.. you didn't dump him? If you didn't YDI for being a simple-minded tool.

anonnie 0

Hahaha ouch.

wow these cheaters are getting lazier and lazier

hauptubel 0

What a dumbass. I hope you dumped that tool.

ashblueeyez14 0

HE IS A ASSHOLE dump him

Ehhh what trash he is Id dump him if you value both Your dignity,AND the pride of all us girls that share society with you....

nerdgirlagogo 0

Dump him....

a1mostevi1 0

at least he said girlfriend

Beware not to finish like one of those

lem0n_fml 0

Maybe he's a polygamist.

Reply with "Nice to meet you *insert name*, mother of my ex." and leave.