By mandie - 13/11/2011 17:10 - United States

Today, I brought my girlfriend of six months over to meet my family. When my grandpa saw her, he said, "What a waste of good breeding stock." FML
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You're one-fourth of his genes.. Technically he's 4x more of a waste.

been missing my sister for 6 months, whats the number in her ear?


leadman1989 15

What challenge? Two females producing a child? Good luck.

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Lesbian FML FTW sorry didn't notice the name and no gender symbol Boy do I feel silly srry. ^-^

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That's like me hitting on jennifer lopez

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i don't think OP's grandfather was trying to be offensive. if that was my sexual orientation i'd feel complimented :^)

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They could just go to one of those sperm places if they did want a baby.. Or adoption

Today, my girlfriend of six monthes brought me over to meet her family for the first time. Upon seeing me, her grandfather said, "What a waste of good breeding stalk." FML

Or OP is a guy - Mandy can be short for Mandel (like Mandy Patinkin), it's a Jewish thing. The idea of a Jewish grandfather getting into eugenics is interesting, though...

Hey, it could still be a fun challenge.

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You're one-fourth of his genes.. Technically he's 4x more of a waste.

He means that the girlfriend is no good...

No the OP is lesbian, I think it's a compliment.......but you know old people

To clear it up for you guys: OP is a lesbian, she brought over her girlfriend, and grandpa thinks the girlfriend is attractive, but she's a waste because she's lesbian, and thus can't reproduce.

#50, glad someone explains it in the upper percentiles of the comments, so many people can read it before posting without understanding.

As long as you like her it doesn't matter what he thinks.

leadman1989 15

He's saying the GIRL is good stock being wasted on his grandson.

Ohhh now I understand. Thanks for clearing that up. I wish I could still edit my comment.

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Oh wow I didn't get that either thanks. The word "breeding" made me think it was some kind of racist comment lol

leadman1989 15

I failed too I didn't realize that op was a girl... I wish I could edit my comments too. -_- Douche grandpa either way lol.

op liking her isnt the oly thing that also matters that she likes op cause itd be pretty close to rape if otherwise

been missing my sister for 6 months, whats the number in her ear?

FYL, I'm glad that my grandparents aren't bitter like that. Don't be discouraged by Mr. Sourpuss, keep dating your gf!

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i would say tell your grandma that, but that would just be ****** up.

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Given that your genes are derived from him. Oh, your name is Mandie and this is a lesbian FML. I see now.

Your name is Mandie, so I am asssuming you're a lesbian? In that case, that is so rude :( I'm so sorry you have such a prudish, homophobic grandfather. I really hope he was just kidding.

TheDrifter 23

Homophobic? He's just saying that her gf is pretty and would make cute babies. A lot of people would react like that when any good looking person told them they had decided not to reproduce.

Who cares what he says as long as you like her