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  ALpein  |  0

Today, my girlfriend of six monthes brought me over to meet her family for the first time. Upon seeing me, her grandfather said, "What a waste of good breeding stalk." FML

  lunargh  |  7

Or OP is a guy - Mandy can be short for Mandel (like Mandy Patinkin), it's a Jewish thing. The idea of a Jewish grandfather getting into eugenics is interesting, though...

  Renesaga  |  8

To clear it up for you guys: OP is a lesbian, she brought over her girlfriend, and grandpa thinks the girlfriend is attractive, but she's a waste because she's lesbian, and thus can't reproduce.

By  Angel_Tigeress  |  5

Your name is Mandie, so I am asssuming you're a lesbian? In that case, that is so rude :( I'm so sorry you have such a prudish, homophobic grandfather. I really hope he was just kidding.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Homophobic? He's just saying that her gf is pretty and would make cute babies. A lot of people would react like that when any good looking person told them they had decided not to reproduce.