By Anonymous - 12/06/2016 12:37 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, I was trying to get my girlfriend to speak Mandarin. After speaking her first words and taking a break, she posted on Facebook: "I speak ching chong! :D :D :D" FML
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Is Ching Chong English for Mandarin?

No. Ching Chong is ignorance for Mandarin


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Nyattack 14

Never understood why racism against eastern asian people was considered so hilarious... If someone learning an African language was to write "I speak n***** :D :D :D" on their fb, they'd get a pretty bad reaction (which is right)

its alright bud i thought it was funny also.

Is Ching Chong English for Mandarin?

No. Ching Chong is ignorance for Mandarin

Because that's an insulting term for it, obviously.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#33 is right. How is an insulting term that's normally used in a racist way ignorant? (before I get rained with thumbs down, it's obviously sarcasm.)

Zilten 10

I think you mean Engrish ;)

Only in the Mandarin to Racist dictionary

I'm not sure what's worse, the "ching chong" insult, or the use of 3 ":D" faces. But I think I'll go with the latter.

Agreed. The only thing worse than ignorance is being pleased about your ignorance.

At least she didn't call the waiter a bitch

I think I'd rather be called a bitch

aesthetic umbrella 18

I love it when people reference an FML to another recent FML.

I'd comment with an insult in Mandarin and tell her to translate it if she speaks 'Ching chong'. No but seriously, how offensive!

And thats how your relationship ends.

Okay, that is horribly wrong, but at the same time horribly funny.

Can't heal bigotry or idiocy, sorry man.

I hope she doesn't try to order specialty tea.

I'm sure she wasn't trying to be rude or ignorant. Everybody makes stupid jokes without thinking, and the internet both makes it very public and immortalizes thought right? But I hope you sat down with her and told her why saying that wasn't okay. Other than that, I think it's cute she was willing to learn some Madarin to connect with you.

No, not everybody. You need to be a special type of person to use derogatory terms as a joke AND find them funny.