By Palf - 30/08/2010 11:40 - Germany

Today, I realised that my flight back from Berlin was actually booked for the 29th of September instead of August. FML
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well you'll be there for another month so enjoy

well its not like you missed your flight....


yes. yes it does.

Sucks for you! That's all I can say :S

no it doesn't!!! it's more like horrible! he's going to die from being in europe even longer......lucky

lol number 6 and yea i guess that does suck

germany ain't bad the worst place to be stuck in for a month

u can exchange flights and only pay the rebooking fee which is never over $100, go suck a pilots wewe for a 100 bucks and no fyl anymore

buy a new ticket??

ydi for not being able to book a plane ticket the right way.

this only sucks if u have other business going on where u normally live. otherwise.... HAVE FUN for another month

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20 I believe the primate you are looking for is ape, not monkey :)

enjoy ur vacation =) LMAO seriously how could u mess that one up I'd understand if u messed up with June July March or May ydi

lol I paid a rebooking fee today of 234 euros which is about 300 dollars

#20, 24 are sooo damn racist

I think 20 and 24 should take a little field trip to Harlem and go tell that to some of the folks there. They speak very good English and would have a rather "spirited" debate about how mankind descended from apes. Racist schmucks.

at 20 no shit we all do, humans evolved from monkeys

monkeys are kick-ass :)

win at 20 also I live in europe and I'm still alive.. Europe is awesome, and possibly one of the better continents. We have less morons as we have so many people that speak two or more languages fluently and not many other places do(without failure at pronunciation and spelling)

well no fat girls for another month!! right ?

HAHAHA pizzaguy that's badass hahaha :P

#29 probably paid the difference in fare in addition to the rebooking fee. If the new dates and flights are more expensive than what you originally purchased, you pay the difference when you rebook.

shutup Jew... jk?

well you'll be there for another month so enjoy

I agree I see no problem there

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It was probably submitted late last night and didn't get posted until now.

silly 7 not knowing how the site works lol.

7 is the real fail here and I hate anti-flood protection

#7, if you havent noticed already, every FML begins with "Today..." and its not optional. so even if it didnt happen TODAY its still going to be written as TODAY. duhh ....

woops, fail moneywaste...


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i almost moderated this one but i said no lol

A similar thing happened to me, I was staying at a hostel in Miami with friends and I booked for November instead of December. We ended up having to pay it for both months and that sucked. Although your situation is worse because you can't get home.