By Anonymous - 21/08/2011 19:48 - United States

Today, a fight broke out between my 21 year old sister and our 6 year old brother. I tried to intervene, only to end up getting battered to shit in the process. According to my sister, he's going to hell for eating her candy. FML
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A 21 year old fighting over candy, was it a thousand dollar bar?

Your sister apparently has the Peter-Griffin syndrome.


lmfao it's illiteracy season

Maybe she's the Jigoku Shojo...

@10 apparently beat the crap out of a 6 year old and his sister. :/

if that's the way your sister deals with young children, let's just hope she doesn't reproduce.

Your sister must be fat as a hippo. Never get between a hippo and it's candy.

What a dumb sister, she should know you can't win an argument with a child without a belt... Jkjk

I know exactly how you feel. This always happens with my 19 year old brother and my 9 year old brother. FYl and get a new sister.

Your brother, keepin his pimp hand strong. Ya gotta start early.

Geez. I read this wrong at first and thought it was the six year old saying it, and I found it kind of adorable. But it was the adult?! Pick your battles.

4 what the fuck are you talking about, know when to keep that kiddie porn hentai wutever shit to urself

It's 4am so forgive me if i sound really stupid, however. A fight? As in an argument? Because how do you get battered to shit in an argument? Am i the only one who thought OPs sister is actually physically abusing their 6 year old brother?

@ 53 if only it was that easy to go get a new sister. its not exactly something you pick out... like say.. your candy.

What does illiteracy have to do with this FML? I'm thinking you're the illiterate one here.

Wow. 21.....get a fuckin life. Fighting a small boy for candy. Grow up.

@81 You shouldn't take everything seriously.

Your sister is a bitch

#4, It's kind of sad that I understand this reference and the lame joke you tried to make out of it...Being an Otaku and the useless knowledge I have -_-"

A 21 year old fighting over candy, was it a thousand dollar bar?

100 grand** is the name of the candy bar. Your pun is pointless

^ your ugly so ur comment is pointless

Actually I'm quite attractive, if you met me in person(: so kindly fuck off your existence is pointless

Maybe skittles? That would make sense. Or starburst.

@727Aaron727: Good job on combining a toddler's grammar with a toddler's insult. It is very authentic!

How fat is your sister?

2- Actually, most bars are upwards of a hundred grand or two Maybe more if it's a corner bar

Now i want to know what he said :/

Those "candys" keep her from catching pregnancy:((

Op, are you sure you didnt mix up your sibilings ages, because your sister acted like a child.

Shit got serious

Nobody better lay a finger on her Butterfinger.

107- I've always thought that phrase sounded vaguely dirty.

Idk, I don't blame the girl, ive faught kids over candy before. Several times,

That's weak.And how old are you?

Not a grammar nazi but "faught" are you serious?

You're right, it was probably a 100Grand bar Gotta love that candy

You mean a thousand *grand bar

Those "candies" make her a genius. She didn't want her brother to be lil' Einstein.

Holy hell!! >< mental pic of an ODed 6 year old!!! Wtf?!!!! I'm gonna have issues thanks to that!!! >,>

Must be on her period... :/

Or the more likely reason is that she's a psycho bitch? I sure don't pick fights with 6 year olds when I'm on my rag. What a dude thing to say.

Correction: OP is a female.

63- You're shitting me bro. I would've NEVER thought OP was a female!

There is, in fact, the worst place in hell for candy thiefs!

Amen to that I bet candy thieves go wearing gasoline soaked pants a match and a empty wrapper of juicy fruit gum :-/

Yep, it's right next to where plankers go.

Shut up nigger

Your sister apparently has the Peter-Griffin syndrome.

Peter- my candy....mine.... Get your own! *farts in face and takes off running and laughing* That's probably what Peter would do if you jacked his candy. Or have an opie Taylor fit.

I would expect something funnier from Peter.

That must have been some really good candy.

Must've been the golden ticket.

there's nothin wrong with fighting over candy. candy can do crazy thing to a person, especially good candy. :)

Are you talking chocolate or heroin?! Cuz I think the OP's sister is annoyed that her Godiva is gone.....

The candy had a golden ticket to go to the wonka factory

& the brother ate it :( Lol :D