By Anonymous - 21/08/2011 19:48 - United States

Today, a fight broke out between my 21 year old sister and our 6 year old brother. I tried to intervene, only to end up getting battered to shit in the process. According to my sister, he's going to hell for eating her candy. FML
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727Aaron727 0

A 21 year old fighting over candy, was it a thousand dollar bar?

Your sister apparently has the Peter-Griffin syndrome.


@10 apparently beat the crap out of a 6 year old and his sister. :/

LiveLaughFML 10

if that's the way your sister deals with young children, let's just hope she doesn't reproduce.

Your sister must be fat as a hippo. Never get between a hippo and it's candy.

What a dumb sister, she should know you can't win an argument with a child without a belt... Jkjk

I know exactly how you feel. This always happens with my 19 year old brother and my 9 year old brother. FYl and get a new sister.

Thunderbender 2

Your brother, keepin his pimp hand strong. Ya gotta start early.

Geez. I read this wrong at first and thought it was the six year old saying it, and I found it kind of adorable. But it was the adult?! Pick your battles.

4 what the **** are you talking about, know when to keep that kiddie **** hentai wutever shit to urself

It's 4am so forgive me if i sound really stupid, however. A fight? As in an argument? Because how do you get battered to shit in an argument? Am i the only one who thought OPs sister is actually physically abusing their 6 year old brother?

@ 53 if only it was that easy to go get a new sister. its not exactly something you pick out... like say.. your candy.

BelleBelle_fml 11

What does illiteracy have to do with this FML? I'm thinking you're the illiterate one here.

Wow. 21.....get a ****** life. Fighting a small boy for candy. Grow up.

@81 You shouldn't take everything seriously.

Aero_x 21

#4, It's kind of sad that I understand this reference and the lame joke you tried to make out of it...Being an Otaku and the useless knowledge I have -_-"

727Aaron727 0

A 21 year old fighting over candy, was it a thousand dollar bar?

100 grand** is the name of the candy bar. Your pun is pointless

727Aaron727 0

^ your ugly so ur comment is pointless

Actually I'm quite attractive, if you met me in person(: so kindly **** off your existence is pointless

Maybe skittles? That would make sense. Or starburst.

@727Aaron727: Good job on combining a toddler's grammar with a toddler's insult. It is very authentic!

nixter5 18

2- Actually, most bars are upwards of a hundred grand or two Maybe more if it's a corner bar

SirObvious 1

Those "candys" keep her from catching pregnancy:((

Op, are you sure you didnt mix up your sibilings ages, because your sister acted like a child.

krazy_glu3 0

Nobody better lay a finger on her Butterfinger.

thesunsetglow_fml 8

107- I've always thought that phrase sounded vaguely dirty.

Idk, I don't blame the girl, ive faught kids over candy before. Several times,

Not a grammar nazi but "faught" are you serious?

You're right, it was probably a 100Grand bar Gotta love that candy

saIty 17

Those "candies" make her a genius. She didn't want her brother to be lil' Einstein.

bizarre_ftw 21

Holy hell!! >< mental pic of an ODed 6 year old!!! Wtf?!!!! I'm gonna have issues thanks to that!!! >,>

Blahborg 0

Or the more likely reason is that she's a psycho bitch? I sure don't pick fights with 6 year olds when I'm on my rag. What a dude thing to say.

iAintEvenMad 0

63- You're ******** me bro. I would've NEVER thought OP was a female!

Lauren10102 3

There is, in fact, the worst place in hell for candy thiefs!

Amen to that I bet candy thieves go wearing gasoline soaked pants a match and a empty wrapper of juicy fruit gum :-/

BelleBelle_fml 11

Yep, it's right next to where plankers go.

Your sister apparently has the Peter-Griffin syndrome.

Peter- my candy....mine.... Get your own! *farts in face and takes off running and laughing* That's probably what Peter would do if you jacked his candy. Or have an opie Taylor fit.

I would expect something funnier from Peter.

DeathMaple 3

That must have been some really good candy.

Buttsexpirate 9

Must've been the golden ticket.

there's nothin wrong with fighting over candy. candy can do crazy thing to a person, especially good candy. :)

bizarre_ftw 21

Are you talking chocolate or heroin?! Cuz I think the OP's sister is annoyed that her Godiva is gone.....

The candy had a golden ticket to go to the wonka factory

bizarre_ftw 21

& the brother ate it :( Lol :D