By ashleyramsay - Canada
Today, I heard whimpering while I was in my bedroom. Thinking it was my parents doing something nasty, I let them do it and turned on my music. My parents came home from work and I realised they were never home. I went into the room and saw my dead dog laying on the floor. FML
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By  ISellHerbs  |  0

It was going to happen anyway whether you could have gotten it to a vet or not, there just wasn't enough time. But if you are used to dealing with your parents engaging in those activities, you need draw some borders.

By  ISellHerbs  |  0

It was going to happen anyway whether you could have gotten it to a vet or not, there just wasn't enough time. But if you are used to dealing with your parents engaging in those activities, you need draw some borders.

  kewlcat  |  0

wow i was soo out of it
i thought i was readng MLIA until the part about the dog dying..

usually, FMLs are supposed to be funny, this was really sad.

  BurnDammit  |  0

Um.Reply to #98.

1)He never said he was fine with his parents having sex in HIS room,he said he heard whispering and he probably thought it was coming from the other room,whereas at first,he thought it was whispering coming from his room.

2)He never said he thought the whispers came from his dying dog.If you read it carefully,he's pointing out that someone broke into his house,came into his room and accidentally whispered something,and when they heard the music from his radio/speakers/ipod/mp3,they left the room because they thought someone would see them.
And somewhere in between,might be when the person broke in or when they left,they killed the dog.The reason might be that they hate dogs or they didn't want it to wake the household.

3)He never said his parents came home EXACTLY the same time he turned the music on.It may have been 1 hour after,or it could be a few minutes,or even exactly at the time.
All that matters is that the person who broke in managed to escape....Or did he?

Please,next time read the FML more carefully before posting stupid comments :/
And OP,I'm soo sorry ): That sucks..
Althought the OP might be lying because I saw a very similar story about a girl hearing sounds,and she reached for her dog,the dog licked her and she thought it was all okay.The next day she found her dog dead in a pool of blood,and a letter that said ''humans can lick too''.

[And sorry for such a long comment,I had to let it out xD]

  snipertomcat  |  0

speaking of reading the post carefully, did you realize that the poster is a [¿young?]woman? or that her nick was "ashley--"?

also the OP didn't say anything about a break-in, that was simply a suggestion from a reader,
the way i see it, she was in her room and heard the noises, so she turned the music up, later she found her dog in her parents' room,
@ashley, i'm sorry for your loss if this is a true story, this is a real fml anecdote, and not comical in the least sense,

  SKwrestler  |  0

you guys are all retarded, no one broke in, and no one heard whispering. she heard whimpering with a "w". you guys need to learn to read. and no one was having sex in her bedroom, she was in her bedroom while she heard the whimpering


OP said "while I was in MY room" which means the noises were coming from elsewhere in the house. I'm assuming the nearest room because it couldn't have been that loud.

I had no problem understanding this post the first read. Y'all suck at life.


seriously? " humans can lick too" is a very old 'ghost' story kids used to tell. And it is not official that the dog was murdered, that was just one persons idea in a comment. Also they said they heard WHIMPERING (not whispering) coming from the OTHER room.

  mpfau797  |  0

What are you talking about?
1. He thought they were in the room over
2. He thought moaning and whimpering were his parents doing it not his dog dieing
3. Not necessarily he could have just said it or maybe they car pool

  MissNicky177  |  6

116- you read it completely wrong also. Fist of all the word was WHIMPERING not whispering, so what happened was op heard whimpering and thought it was his parents doing dirty things so he turn up his music, then when his parents came home he realized it couldn't have been them so he went to find out what the noise was, and it had been coming from his dying (now dead) dog

  choco3782  |  12

I'm replying to everyone saying it was whispering, if you read the fml properly you will realise it's whimpering and people whimper while they have sex

  Starchild21  |  3

I'm pretty sure the dude meant whimpering, which would also suggest that his parents are into S&M shit.


  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Some "nasty" noises could be classified as whimpering.
Also 87 has a point. I too at first thought you said they were enjoying themselves in your bedroom, which is rather disconcerting.